Photography (1)

46 responses to “Photography (1)

  1. you are her

    you are the best

  2. very cool photos of some very cool people

  3. love this
    and the pic that looks like the line at space mountain

  4. Ruby

    amazing photography. Did you take them all?

  5. these photos are great, must say i adore the one of paris hilton and ed westwick

  6. lea

    cool, some rad photos.

  7. Kristel

    you’re very talented 🙂

  8. i want to eat all those amazing pictures, i really dig the one with the hole in the ceiling.

  9. barbara clement

    Hi Cory,

    I’m working for the french Elle(picture editor) and I know that you shot josephine de la baume and mark ronson, would it be possible to see your photos?It’s quite urgent!
    Please, let me know asap.
    best regards

    Barbara clement

  10. Charlie

    Cory Kennedy is a name who sounds very well, like your photo.

  11. Paola

    You is my idole , i love you , Cory kennedy . ❤ I like your style . You is HYPE ! I love "hype" !

  12. I like the random pictures of meat in here.

    And also the famous people.
    They intrigue me.

    Awesome photos 😀

  13. Lala

    Am I suposed to say something?


  14. Donovan

    I’d like to know what kind of camera you use?



    These are great!

  16. Tanyerin

    hahaha oh Cory, u really have the life u know. I see ur pictures, and i think in Andy Warhol and those times.

  17. i really loved looking at your photos, they are ALL so great!..each one has something uniquely special in it. ❤

  18. FUCK YEAH!!! thats a shit load of random, good pictures.

  19. Maximo

    I liked the pictures and you’re freaking beautiful. I love you.

  20. I like this, It is cool.

  21. dee

    cool photos, Cory.
    but the one of Andrew is the one that stole my attention the most.

  22. Stephanie

    Oh to say something that hasn’t been said before. I enjoy your pictures. You have quite the life there Cory Kennedy. Live it uppppppppp. fuckyeah(:

  23. anon

    youre ugly i dont even understand WHY you are famous. and this isnt photography. get a clue. you stupid little clubbing drunk whore.

  24. who is cory kennedy?

  25. i mind it Photography (1) | Cory Kennedy now im your rss reader

  26. omg ive said this like a milion times now, but I love, LOVE your photographies, the way you take it is so unique and I totally love.

    check out my blog when u have time

  27. carolina

    hi cory,
    what camera did you use for these pictures?

  28. I read all the comments above.
    (clears throat) First, aren’t we all drunk whores?
    Second, thanks for the reminder of one the one use camera technique.
    Third, these are so rock and roll!

  29. S

    You took spontaneous yet gorgeous photographs, I got another reason to adore you more!

  30. Tata

    Loved them all

  31. jill

    it’s like i get to peak into the window of a party that i wish i was invited too…

    all very lovely photos.

  32. sarah

    mmmm bit of a nan goldin…

  33. Your style of photography is quite unique, it also reminds me of The Cobra Snake.

  34. solji

    cool. I love your photos.

  35. Daniela

    estan increibles

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