…sometimes i run into walls.

159 responses to “About

  1. ibbi


  2. _vikram

    pets accidentally running into glass doors and windows is the funniest thing in the world

  3. Zabrena

    Yay, there is hope after Uber 🙂 Thanks, I was looking for a new home.

  4. analeigh

    ahhh yes! i can be at peace now, ha ha

  5. ?

    Are you happy, really?

  6. patrice

    this font looks exactly like the urbanoutfitters.com font


  7. I see. Good to see out & about. You’ve really come out of your shell. O _ O
    ‘——- ‘

  8. I LOVE U CORY 🙂
    I wish i could be more like u… not copying, just inventing and creating crazy fashionable stuffs into a piece of art like u always do with ur clothes.
    Hope u can achieve all ur goals
    My best wishes

  9. Yves Blow

    yesssssss everybody wants to know. disposable camera? yashica t5?

  10. gighello

    hi cory,

    ive seen you around sometimes, not gonna kiss your ass like a lot people do. just lovee your style. love your additude, your just one hell of a chick!
    &btw dont you dare even care about pathetic people complaining bout you smoking doing drugs or partying.
    your young just have fun riiite
    x Gig-

  11. tasha.

    hey hey (: i liked you on 90210
    ooh ooh, and rock on, babe.
    xoxo from Malaysia.

  12. Emma.

    CORY; you lead one hell of an amazing life.
    & your photographs are beautifix :], Emz. xo

  13. I have always been a fan of you ! and i think you have one the coolest styles in the entire world!
    Hope you are fine cory!
    Lina from colombia!

  14. ugh, ur style
    love it, collect ur pictures,

  15. dear corry) hey
    i would like to ask u someting really strange))

    i want to find a contact of one famous guy from US, and i don’t know why but i think u can help)

    if u don’t mind to waste some of your time on it, please contact me for more details//

  16. Lin

    four words…
    i think you’re totally rad and have the most awesomnest fashion sense
    you’re so unbelieveably cool and original
    and i just wanna say that you’re my ultimate original fashion icon

    xoxo L

  17. paxdeprofundis

    Hi ya,
    Someone has been sending me pics of herself posing as Charlotte Froom and pics of you as well.
    I wrote a blog about my bizarre experience, you can scroll through it and see the pics that were sent to me of you..and read why.
    I sent the same link to Cobrasnake hoping he could identify the pics as well.
    Mucho Thanko,

  18. Cornelius

    your a b*tch you should reply to your readers

  19. well.. maybe fish would have feelings if they..?
    i hate people always leaving their socks in my couch.. square peg / round hole .. didn’t get beat up at school all their lives and turned into such assholes!~ nite c.k. ~ lueve, nasty xoxo dpdp

    p.s. my dad can beat up you dad, and i’ll out drink you “anytime anyplace anywhere anyday”

  20. like ur style but take care ur self, thats all

  21. Miss SASA

    Nice high heels always!!!!!! mmmm,i want then too…
    Happy new year Cory,
    from spain.

  22. you are perfect .. (L)

  23. i miss uber :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

  24. eeiiss

    cuz you’ve been nighttimin babbayyy. ahjhd0adfds.

    i love wordpress only not. if i could add muusac it would be bliss. but no :/

  25. eeiiss

    lmao@cornelius. he’s crannnnkkkyyy

  26. Amalia


    I wrote a piece for Glamour magazine Greece about the top fashion blogs, could we use some of the pictures from your blog for the illustration of the story? Also could you send us an image of you or can we use the ones from the blog?

    Thank you!

  27. i-nachh

    U inspire mee
    icon of fashion
    u know have fan!
    loveeU !

  28. Cory, have you some advice to give me?
    Or things to be told me about your life ?
    Always use you polaroïdes?
    It is practical but it adorned that photos deteriorate then…

  29. Hey love add us to your blogroll and we will return the favor.

  30. Norine

    Heyyy Coryyy i luv ya u have such an awesome life! I cant believe u kno Andrew Vanwyngarden im obbsessed with him and MGMT i would kill to meet them one day!

  31. martha

    you’re my idol(:
    i really adore you

  32. Toniii

    me too. far too often.

  33. really love your style! 😀

  34. bluepeoplewalkaround


  35. Lindsay

    Dear Cory K,
    I’m a staff writer for my high school publication, The Circuit.
    I am writing an article that is focusing around internet memes and celebrities, etc…
    Anyways I would love to get a chance to ask you a few questions.
    Please get back to when you have a chance.

    P.S. I didn’t know what other way to contact you

    Much thanks,
    Lindsay G.


  36. eva

    hii cory!!
    no se si sabes español pero no tenggo ganas de ponerme a traducir..
    yo no voy a ponerme a decirte lo guay que vistes ni nada, pero me gusta tu vida y creo q te pareces a mi en mu chos sentidos.
    espero que te vaya todo muy bien.

  37. Tu es pour moi une icone de la mode…
    j’aime ton style meme si tout le monde ne peut pas se le permettre malheureusement 😦
    Bisous, georgous

  38. hi cory,

    I love your style.
    It`s special, just amazing.

    thank you 4 inspiration

    ❤ Leonie

  39. what cameras do u use?

  40. Samuel Proulx

    im from QBC montreal CIty and i’m in love with you

  41. Celia :)

    Hi cory !

    I love your style thank you for the inspiration !:)
    and your hair is very cool too!:)
    you are a really icon of fashion
    Really you are my idol !


  42. Matias Tortello

    Hey Cory, my name is Matias Tortello and I write for an argentinian well-known fashion web site (www.clubmoda.com.ar). I´m preparing an article about trend-setters and fashionistas’ blogs, and I would really like if you could answer a couple questions about you via e-mail!
    Any fashionista with a blog about his/her personal style who’d like to talk about it and get published is welcome: matt-016@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much!
    Matias Tortello

  43. Ellie

    Hey cory,
    I know this probably isnt a big deal but i find it horribly irritating. So, this girl i know has taken a picture of you and put it as her facebook profile picture and she pretends its her, so everyones like “you look amazing here” and stuff like that, and you cant REALLY tell because its your hair and sunglasses and stuff so its not THAT obvious its not her, but i know its not her and i think its really gay she pretends its her.
    because i think everyone is unique and no one should pretend they’re something else. thats why i think youre lovely!
    i love your blog 🙂

  44. Hello, Cory;
    I am called Laura and am from Mallorca (Spain), only I am 14 years old.
    Today, reading the magazine ‘Glamour’ I have seen you in a page, you were precious(beautiful). Then, I have thought: I am going to visit his(her,your) blog.
    And here I am. Here there is a fanatic of the mode and the dance, though, clear, in Majorca there are no so many means to manage to be a model as(like) in America and Europe. I am charmed with your style, am impressive. Because of it and proque believe that you are a girl with very much talent and with many things for proving to be I order you a lot of forces from here, in order that you follow(continue) this career(race) that will lift you to the stardom and that you should enjoy a heap of your life.
    An enormous kiss.

  45. i like it, like it (yes i do)

  46. selby

    u so ordinary not special ..

  47. Lick my *ss . ! .

  48. Stuart Rae

    I don’t care that you party, in fact, i don’t care what you do. This isn’t a hateful comment by any means, i just don’t understand why people are obesessed with you. I mean, what do you do?

  49. Stuart Rae

    so, rightt?

  50. itstessamaria

    Cory you’re sickkkkkk, I’d love to party with you

  51. paula

    i don’t love you or something but your photos line my walls ,
    greetings from latinoamerica chaoooo

  52. Gabriela

    I bet you’re not Cory Kennedy, because I am Cory Kennedy! Kisses and have a funny life.

  53. Veronica

    Who is cory kennedy?

  54. cdlusher

    sixtieth! good stuff. my lame attempt at humor perhaps not so much.

  55. hey chica im a friend of nikki’s and she wanted me to let you know about her jewelry collection, shes based in l.a. and i think you might dig it!
    silverlake flea next saturday too


  56. Julia

    i love you cory!

  57. Ira

    hey, cory. i really like your photos 🙂

  58. cecilia nam

    Very Cool, Cory!

  59. Hola!, muy bella tu pagina!, bella tu también, pasate por la mia a dar un vistazo!

  60. http://honeysweetcookies.wordpress.com/ please help promote this new up and coming photographer and stylist.
    comment and send to friends

  61. have you seen the trailer for the new fashion show on MTV? I love it, tell me what you think

  62. Illa Kirono

    Cory, you’re the shit. I admire you irrevocably. Keep on streaming new fresh unpredictable yet so fashion ideas that you’re doing right now, we are counting on you 🙂

  63. indiecakes

    You are a fashion icon that always inspires my style 🙂

  64. Hey great blog. I remeber you from the uber.com days.

  65. saw your work on rock-n-roll bride – absolutely gorgeous. i shoot weddings and i adore what you do.



  66. Hi Cory
    I wanted to email you but couldn’t find an address. Just wanted to let you know what your stunning wedding/photo shoot got featured on my site here and it’s getting a whole lotta love! http://www.rocknrollbride.com/2009/09/woodstock-wedding/
    I would love for you to drop me an email and say hey.
    ps feel free not to moderate this comment – I just wanted to use it to contact you.

  67. dan bi

    hellow nice to meet you~~
    I’m south korean goirl and I am 18years old.
    I am your fan because you have apersonality,good style. And so cute ^^hhh
    I’m glad because I can write at your blog

  68. photography is for people with memory
    issues 😀 discussssssssssss?????????

  69. Giorgia

    Cory u are beautiful. i’m giorgia, an italian girl.. i like u and ur style! :):)

  70. LOL to ELLIE hahaha!! who cares!

  71. giovanaesofia

    Cory, I hope you remember that Brazil loves u! You’re beatuiful and i’m totally addicted to you, babe. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  72. giovanaesofia

    and p.s.: FOLLOW USSS!! HAHAHAHAHA @myshoesvigna and @sofiapersf

  73. camille

    Hey cory!
    I must admit I am not a great fan of you. However I completely love the way you dress! OMG everything you have i sooooo awesomeeeee! and also de way you combine your clothes is fantastic!
    hope you read my message
    lots of love
    and the best of luck for you

  74. matilda

    fun fun fun

  75. Hel

    do you reply someone who writes here?

  76. nice pic i think, feel free to capture anything in this world!!! keep it posting!

  77. Alex Gore

    You need a better photographer. By far, whoever takes your pictures is ridiculous, it’s like they have to spin a wheel of chance to get a good shot. Anyways, get your shit together people! I can’t believe the crap that passes nowadays.

  78. Heyy Cory!
    Nice blog, it must be very cool to be known as a fashion icon, but i bet that all is not rosy, as happens to everybody. Anyway, i’m not the one to judge you, so, i don’t know, wish you all the best.
    Virginia from Argentina.

  79. Vee

    your my idol !!
    i love your hair! & i think you should come out in nylon more often ! well thats it for now! God bless you 🙂 happy 2010 :DD

  80. bel

    i’m from argentina and i’m very interesed in fashion. i think you have a great style very original i’d love it.

  81. Cooryy!
    i think you are an awwsome person with great fashion =)

  82. you are awsome and have the bess styless!

  83. Ask you to ever previously considered having several videos to the body weblog content to positively keep on the visitors a little more entertained? Naturally i mean I actually enjoy through the whole page created by yours then that was actually quite quality but yet given that Im more a picture learner

  84. I really like the format, especially its informality rather than a strictly structured approach. Since I live on the Olympic Peninsula, which is the same time zone as Seattle, the times these are broadcast, suit me just fine. Overall, it works well, but I wonder if viewers, especially international, could send in questions before hand or, much more complicated, have a follow-up for the most interesting and/or popular questions?

  85. Please watch my doritos video!!


    and help struggling film-makers!

  86. Gi

    Saying hi from Brazil – love you, you’re an idol and I wish i could see you once in life (hahaha
    keep going, you’re amazing xxx

  87. Ah! What a pleasure to have you faithful readers who postent small comments …

  88. Pam


    I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our bed in a bag at: http://www.regencyshop.com

    I realize that you are home decor-bedding connoisseur 🙂 I’d like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it’d be swell if you can place our bed in a bag link on your blog.

    Thank you,


  89. Hello Cory, we are two Italian blogger, we adore your style! This is our new fashion blog


  90. k

    100th comment!

    i don’t know why i keep coming back to your blog since you’re the fakest loser ever. but it provides good laughs. cheers to cory kennedy being a bottom feeder who needs famous people to feel important…or jump into pictures with them.

  91. Jill

    Its a sad state of affairs when young people look up to Cory K.. What has she actually contributed to society? aside from being popular for hanging out in “The Scene”. Find another role Model kids, there are people out there making a difference in the world and deserve to be recognized…not for being popular and dressing hip.

  92. Firstly, let me commend your pellucidity on this subject. I am not an expert on this topic, but after learning your article, my understanding has developed considerably. Please tolerate me to catch your rss feed to stay in touch with any forthcoming updates. Great job and will extend it on to admirers and my web site fans.

  93. Cory, you rocks my life sorry / haha
    well, i love your pics, your shoes, your clothes, your shirts, you style! omg, you are really fabulous!

  94. alexandra

    hey cory.. your so awsome. i love your style. you rock 🙂 keep*

  95. arg

    para que matarte si puedes enamorarte

  96. alexandra

    you rock

  97. byulnara_alien


  98. ive had your photoshoot with peaches in nylon up in my room ever since I moved from San Francisco to London. you’re a style inspiration to all my work. especially this piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV_B3Yt5-kk

    thanks cory
    love sophia

  99. boring……………………………………………

  100. Origami

    Geetings from Germany!

    Wenn Du mal in Deutschand bist, dann komm auf eine Party vorbei!
    Du siehst nicht nur gut aus sondern verkörperst die Freiheit!

    Peace Origami

  101. HJ

    ^__^* halo~
    wwat’s up girl? i’m very boring now……..

  102. I love how you guys think she’ll actually reply.

  103. satie yoo

    girl who run into walls,,,,,,
    perpect :))))))))))))))

  104. sofi

    Coryyyy, excuse my bad English language, indeed
    I’m translating what I say by Google. you are very cool,
    Keep it up, i love your personality. from Argentina.

  105. lola

    hey cory we should hang

  106. required again? fuck


  107. That smith kickflip out was dooope, yo!!!!!

  108. barbara clement

    Hi Cory,

    I’m working for the french Elle, (picture editor)and I’m looking for photos of Josephine de la Baume and Mark ronson. I’m writing you on behalf of sony music.
    It’s quite urgent! Are you represented by an agency or an agent?
    best regards
    Barbara clement

  109. SilviaClarissa

    CORYYYYY I REAlly wanna meet you!
    you absolutely are like me.

  110. Hi, I Really Love your article I would like to write a few articles for your blog as well. I specialize in everything asia but would also be interested in other subjects I have composed a great deal of articles that you can see here: Los Angeles Car Hire

  111. valentinaisabella

    nice photos cory!

    sexy bitch.

  112. Skinhead

    Are you serious?
    Titling un-punctuated blog pages with “deep” and weird song lyrics then making every photo in it look like it was taken with a polaroid camera just so people think you’re all “vintage” and shit.
    You’re so much of a pretentious hipster post modern hippie bitch I wish I could painlessly dismember my right arm just so I had something to throw at you.
    I may be conforming to a particular sub culture but atleast everything I do about it means something. You, just like the rest of the hipster nation, only do things to look good.

  113. Great blog!.. keep up the good work. I’m thinking you’ll probably love photography books, so check out… http://claxtonprojects.tumblr.com

  114. s

    SKINHEAD. you sound like someone that is super cool to be around. you totally wanna do it with ck. its alright, i won’t tell. i just cant wrap my head around it though…
    cory is a young adult who is very creative, has a strong sense of style, and made a blog about her life. a lot of people like it. that’s it. there’s nothing deeper to it. & there doesn’t need to be. she pretty much gave no reason for people to dislike her.if you don’t like her style then okay…whatever. i don’t know why she’d care. & why would it matter that she got a lot of attention from people because they like her personality & style? why do people want to dislike her for that? that’s beyond me. who wouldn’t want a lot of people to like them for who they are and how they dress? i guess i just answered my own question. you are all jealous. youre just so jealous. i mean…sure it’s a little weird for people to want to say im in love with you or i want to meet you or you’re just like me…because no one knows her…but there’s no harm in that. it doesn’t affect any other person on here. Skinhead, you’re what’s wrong with America. no, im just kidding. i dont say things like that. bc i have no idea who you are. like you have no idea who she is. when did her dressing a certain way & naming albums after lyrics she likes have to have a deep meaning? & shit. “pretentious post modern hippie bitch”…uh. you put your name as “skinhead” which implies a lot of fucking negative things about you. if you care about doing things that mean something…stop wasting your time criticizing a girl’s blog about her life that has nothing to do with you or your world at large. nuff said

  115. Hi! I’m a blogger and I have a dream to interview you with sth like 3-4 questions.. How can I ?

  116. s

    i was high when i wrote that. whoops

  117. 4man

    Hey jerk.. pin me 31BD07CC

  118. Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but i think you offer something different. Keep it like this.

  119. Thanks pal. Good website you got going on here. Have some more sites to direct to with more info?

  120. Hey, Great blog you have here. I found this post really interesting. Thanks

  121. Finally, someone who knows what they’re talking about!

  122. U r a fucking genious girl!

  123. Randy

    ayee lets catch a vibe sometime

  124. Dan

    Your photos are soo good!!

  125. I’d always want to be update on new blog posts on this web site , saved to favorites ! .

  126. I wish more people would write blogs like this that are really fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.

  127. Sandy

    Dear Ms. Kennedy, I’m writing to you in regard to my husband Kenny
    who has gone through surgery. My husband is a very big fan of
    yours. I would like to ask if you could please send him an
    autographed photo. If you could I know he would be thrilled
    and I would be forever grateful to you. Thank You Very Much Sandy

    Kenny Thrun
    40 Clifford Street
    Buffalo New York 14210

  128. no paras de gustarme
    desde argentina, QUIERO UN BESO TUYO
    albertina p

  129. Elena

    Dear Cory,
    My name is Elena, I am a journalist from Russia.
    I would love to make an interview with you for the magazine I work for. Please, let me know if you could consider finding a spare moment and answer some of my questions. I am really looking forward to hearing from you,
    Thanks a lot and have a gread week-end,

  130. I’m really thankful to the author of this post for creating this lovely and informative post live here for us. We really appreciate ur effort. Keep up the very good function. . . .

  131. Liz

    shop for Cory: confettiwestern.etsy.com

  132. I’ve been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

  133. Liz

    nothing else i can say but:cory ❤ i just loooove your attitude and your lifestyle 😀 if someone knows how to party then it's u girl!!i would be really greatfull if u respond,there are some things i would like to ask just because i think u r a great person with lots of experiences and well known of fashion.no interview,,just some questions =)
    i will be waiting,kisses from Greece xoxo

  134. I liked up to you will receive performed proper here. The cartoon is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. however, you command get bought an shakiness over that you want be turning in the following. sick for sure come more formerly again as precisely the same just about very ceaselessly inside of case you protect this increase.

  135. hi im your fans from Taiwan ❤ i love you ❤

  136. are you a spiderman…………

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  138. oHOHO

    Nobody cares about you anymore, you are so lame.

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  142. Saz

    Haha happens to me all the time lol love your blog, keep up the great work sweetie xx

  143. I love you cory kennedy! -Ana Babin

  144. Howdy I am so excited I found your webpage, I really found you by mistake,
    while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say kudos for a
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  145. You might be the worst writer

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  148. Good info. Lucky me I reach on your website by accident, I bookmarked it.

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