It’s all relative to the size of your steeple


oh yes the nylon tv to start everyone off for NYC Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013, of course….

nicholas k is one of the most difficult shows to get to. its the earliest one and it kicks off fashion week. i usually get there 2 minutes before the show starts and every season i say, no cory no snoozing for nicholas k. but, low and behold my snooze button and my cat didnt get this seasons memo.









directly after for bcbg max azria

theres also another reason which made this fashion week difficult. i went and got a facial 2 days before and of course let her know i needed it to be what her term was ‘camera ready’ as of the next day. ive never had a facial that had caused so much insanity. i woke up and my face felt like when you put a clay mask on. i thought THIS IS NOT GOOD, THIS IS NOT GOOD…. OH PLEASE PLEASE BE OK…….

not okay. not okay at all. it was like my face was literally peeling off, BURNING and so red. like a reptile, only in small bits. ran for the neosporin…. yeah i was freaking a little because it wasnt just in one place it was all over my face. DISASTER but with the help of ingrid… with touch up before and after shows with light tinted moisturizer, ETC… and it didnt get better till a day after which of course i was still using the neosporin for the burning and for the healing process.

i guess theres a first time for everything?





loved the dew ish makeup on the girls.


the shoes/additions were so KILLER and so sexy.






IMG_6784then i thought i saw sophia lamar on the runway!


really, really great collection, once again.

and the editorial i did for indie magazine !! the new york issue


photography- sarah maurer

styling- oriana tundo

hair and make up- mia bregar

go pick up the issue and find my favorite 6 places in new york city!





and some outtakes / images



pizza head



just catching up on some cass bird reading_MG_7201





more to come asap!!!


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8 responses to “It’s all relative to the size of your steeple

  1. Justine

    great job! uhm-azing pictures Cory!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  2. Cory,
    Don’t sit on the vile ground with your beautiful clothing and infect your beautiful white vagina and butthole where dogs poop and pee and human spits, pee and even poop unless you want to devalue yourself, your vagina and butthole, and your style and clothing.
    God or the Asian Coco Chanel or Trang

  3. in your purse and you can bring a tube of Vaseline for your wrinkles. tooth brush AND TOOTH PASTT to clean your teeth after eating. chapstick so your white lips don’t crack. sun block tube or the sun or adios to your beautiful white skin. GOD OR TRANG OR THE ASIAN COCO CHANEL.

  4. Wow you look beautiful Ms.Cory!

  5. Very pretty Cory !
    Nice shots !


  6. Megan

    I have noticed you for years. When you became famous on the Cobra Snake, years. I think you are amazing even after you were personally mean to me for what I was wearing. You were drunk and repeatedly called me “Labor Day” insinuating my outfit was inappropriate at that juncture of the summer. Whatever. I didn’t care. What I’m pretty certain of is you will be dead from Heroin if you don’t watch yourself. Live long and be healthy.

  7. woooow your outfits are beyond describable on that shoot! its more than just fashion… ❤

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