talkin trash to the garbage around you

from jill went to mara hoffman to tommy hilfiger fitting….

they had these girl play the ukulele before the show


this was by far my favorite piece of the collection

then went to my tommy fitting

ran into mia

FAVS megan and ilaria

headed to sachin + babi !

i really miss those sunglasses they got lost somewhere in the chaos of fashion week.

such a divine skirt

oh eniko you ruled the show…

then went to boom boom room to celebrate max azrias shows

i loooooved the print on this dress, wood. i usually dont like a full on printed piece but this was so, so, me…. i heard they have pants….. 😉

ran into a super old friend rony!!! back from the cobrasnake and steve aoki days ; )…..who was taking photos for fashion week. theyre actually fantastic-  his website is

making sure we still had each others digizzzz

YES HARLEY!!! making my night. dance wit me on a small chair? anyway i have no idea how this happened on my phone but i looks at it and suri said ‘I figured as much’

which ive never heard her say but she must have seen this photo… and BAM

its so good. SO good. ran into ali as her boyfriend as i was heading home for BED BED BEDDDD.

twas a nice surprise


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2 responses to “talkin trash to the garbage around you

  1. sofia salas

    nice coryy

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