be my ebb and flow

backstage at jill stuart!!!!…

putting on makeup in the car to lincoln center. oddly enough i was using her mascara ha which is packaged like pretty pretty princess.

rose and i met- it was an immediate ‘we understander eachother’ / same sense of humor / favorite person kind of thing. you know when you meet someone and you kind of immediately know its on

one of the things i really appreciate and am so grateful for is being able to see runway shows and incredible that you are able to see the intricate detailing in the pieces. In most cases…

rose picking out her favorite pieces

then we went to congratulate jill because that collection was killllller! i was some of my other shots had come out for some other pieces, drool worthy.

after we went back to what i call the fashion week oasis…

rose is obsessed with with new york housewives so i had to take a pic to save this memory.

and to the oasis

this is the oasis

literally talking about cats and rats


next day in the daily


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12 responses to “be my ebb and flow

  1. Cory you are amazing and so talented!

  2. LOVE the shots of the flowers, beautiful. What camera are you using?

  3. Justine

    plz Cory tell us rigt now 😉 ur photos r uhm-azing

  4. Elizabeth

    You look amazing, I am so glad you are fit and slim again, But hey, you never used to feature yourself in photos (there would be post after post without a single picture of yourself), and while it is very easy to understand that you are much more comfortable with putting pictures of your hot self out there now that you look your best, this is a little much. It is obvious that you included the shot of you and rose where your eye was shut because one could see how slim your leg and your waist is in that one. Come on. Be a little exclusive. You loose your allure when you throw out fifteen pictures of yourself with little variation and in poor quality (you don’t post pictures from the show that don’t turn out well, so that you post those of poor quality, but where you look skinny, just looks a little silly). Constructive feedback. And you do look perfect now, Your physical upgrade is inspirational.

  5. Bosn

    Cory we love youUuUUUUUU!!! Fo reallz. and you’ve always looked good!! =D

  6. hi ck

    you are looking pretty :), but cory, as a constructive critique do something more drastic with your hair, i think youll look amazing as a brunette with a shoulder length, blunt, straightened style with bangs, and it would go great with your new changes, a new do for a new life. I dont think you still read the comments, but if you do i really hope you consider it. We’ve seen you for years with same style except for the color, time for a change

  7. Ew. No. I love your hair and you just the way you are and I love all of your pictures. You are soo perfect. 🙂

  8. I love that black and white dress! It’s gorgeous.

  9. ana

    didn’t need to lose so much weight.

  10. Fasttrack

    Yeah her hair is horrible, having a yellow rat nest on your head isnt pretty at all, pretty girl but a shame on that horrible thing going on at her head, kurt kobain 90s are over, very Boring look

  11. ash

    girrrl, love yo hair. fuck da haterz

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