they loving the crew .1




kicking off new york fashion week spring/summer 2013 with who other than BCBG MAX AZRIA!!!!

so this was my busiest day out of the entire week. bam first day. i had show after show and then it being fashion’s night out…. went from djing, hosting, djing and djing. so come take a little ride with me…..


max, me, lubov

sanya and i were cracking each other up i dont even know what about, dj kiss definitely helped out.

dying for that harness


this was actually my favorite collection ive seen from BCBG. definitely had its own personality and something  so full, i dont know why thats the word that fits for me, but it seems like it would have to take a great designer to have that feel for a spring/summer collection. LOVED.

next day in new york times


ran from bcbg to richard chai backstage



random nick cannon appearance

mono chromatic – tennis – uniform esque, right?

ran over to kimberly ovitz..


A CLAY RUNWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing

i was so psyched on this idea of the clay runway, and bare feet. finally getting some more creativity back in NYFW, it shows you dont need a louis vuitton budget to do awesome runways

whos that i spy directly across from me??!! jon!!

ok photo overload next up starts the beginning of FNO…..


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5 responses to “they loving the crew .1

  1. You look stunning as always Cory.

    Love from London,


  2. sofia salas

    You are so skining Cory, but beatifull like always

  3. soshi

    ❤ ur blog… but plz girl, get something to eat!!!

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    Regards, Samira

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