and it’s a silk sash bash, a silk sash bash

flo welcomes you into this post……

new york

tennessee and i on a korean gossip girl show ‘fashion king’

downtown for democracy and OHWOW celebrate “The Pocket Guide To Politics” at the boom boom room. i really think this book is awesome and can really fill you in easily about the basics of politics and understanding it-along with downtown featured artists. really cool. im proud something like this has finally come out.

after party dinner at the standard grill

ze andre!

and more dinner with lindsay at the grill

went with harry to frieze art fair in new york for its first time

 stolen sun teas from 30 rock…

shenae and i flee marketing

attended the jacobs cure gala 

its a wonderful cause and if you dont know about it please look it up.

later i had a dj gig on cinco de mayo and flo was in town mairead and all of the crew came and supported!!!!! i was so happy. and then flo came and surprised me!!!!!!! really amazing night

sister girl nic

my favorite couple, mairead and chris

mairead always with her bowery hotel cigarettes

my mom came to town!!! mum and mairead. i dont know why but this photo makes me SO happy

my love

hadnt seen each other in a long time. reuniiiite

dan and mairead

BOWLING PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


left and went elsewhere

flo trying to hail cabs, buses….

i literally put my pizza down not realizing how perfect they were together. umbrella and pizza.

next day had a late hang out with dev and dan and a few new friends at elsa

ow ow! ^^

ready for adventure uptown

some how we ended up at the carlyle to meet solange, jsut when we arrived jay zizlle and beyonce with leaving with rashida because things were getting a little cray. i didnt realize everyone from the met ball was there still dressed in their gowns and suits. and i we wearing levis and jack purcells with a crew neck sweatshirt.

thankfully dev was there to catch the outfit …

definitely a hilarious situation. we went carey and marcus’ room where everyone had gone after room #1.

all i can say is shaun white is the biggest d bag i have ever met. i mean being incredibly drunk im sure were this all started but the things that were coming out of his mouth were so embarrassing i had to get away from the guy. as you all know i hate second hand embarrassment. maybe youre awesome shaun but i unfortunately didnt catch that side. i dont even know why he was there?

anyway heres a beautiful photo of flo doused in mcqueen after the met, we didnt even know she was at the party.

time to go home you have a major show tomorrow

teaser: albert getting his tickets

for the big show at

photos from the show up nexxxxt


Loved celebrating GUESS 30 yrs of style with


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11 responses to “and it’s a silk sash bash, a silk sash bash

  1. Jessie

    Shaun White = DEFINITE D BAG, DO NOT feel bad about calling him out on it. He was at some events here in Australia and I wanted to smack him in the mouth, such a loser.

  2. Hey Cory, i like it that u’re telling more stories. U seem more real (to me) now. Come spin in Kuala Lumpur 🙂

  3. You rocking the jacobs cure gala jumpsuit Corry, where did you get it from?

    Love from London,

  4. Her cream dress is gorgeous.

  5. levagabonde

    i like the photo from the Music Hall and your editorial photo!

  6. Oh man. I love your photos. Amazing!

  7. world champion waah ❤

  8. cory and shenae……my two favourite people.

  9. asi

    Fabulous look, so pretty and stylish. great collection of pics.
    Parfum pas cher

  10. love the outfit cory!!!! esp. the last one for guess 😀

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