still i wonder who’ll stop the rain

after tommy stopped by the shake shack for x colette party:

limited edition burger shoes

we had a contest where we printed out the outline of the shoe, and everyone competed to be picked as the top 5, 1st place  meaning picking the first shoe size, 2nd same, etc etc

me cheering on ian as he is coloring the burger shoe

shoes for dinner anyone?

sarah, queen of colette

that night, the truth really came out from todd selby- hes a seriously competitive boyfriend

danielle ended up winning first prize in the end anyway. i wasnt supposed to say that yet. ok so it was CRAYONS DOWN. and time for mark, sarah and i to judge…

choosing was actually difficult for us. it took us a while to figure it out.

the alice and olivia presentation

i felt like i was a kid in a candy store, but with clothing.

mia and caitlin duhhhh

love me some dani stahl, always.

congratulations stacey pants!!!!!

tommy hilfiger.2

ally hilfiger, designer of NAHM

cobra starship played live for this show

let me tell you, every type of human walked in this runway, kids, models, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, dogs…

im too sexy for my leash, too sexy for my leash, oh too sexxxxxy

im so happy someone got that shot. another clutch another day. my new best friends.

guns n roses at hiro

axl KILLING IT with a 3 hour set. i would say it was an outstanding performance.

mester and alexandra


duh yall. we came straight from tommy so i was already wearing a metallica shirt, and leather pants.

believe it or not, we said no to partying with axl rose in his hotel room.  #growingup

and heres cory’s corner i did at party city. i think it was my most beautiful creation yet.

im  a little bummed you cant really see the details in the final look, but this may help-

photos that didnt make the cut!

till next time……. hoping thats tomorrow….


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8 responses to “still i wonder who’ll stop the rain

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time Cory. to bad about losing your first piece of writing, I know what you mean, WordPress can be a pain in the a. sometimes.

    Love from London,

  2. Loove the alice and olivia presentation. lovely clothes

  3. sofia salas


  4. God, I wanna have ur life. till that, I’ll keep walking around until someone find me. Mark??? hahahaha

  5. great article in nylon

  6. @shakitay

    Ey cory hi im nadia from mexico, i love your look, ur style life and q fallow u since you was a it girl and girlfriend of the cobrasnake guy, your pictures are amazing and you always will be my it girl

  7. Cory you were the first real “IT GiRL”.

  8. really love your metallica top ❤ gorgeous

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