I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down


february fun stuff……. CLICKYYYYY….

poor little guy. im not saying i like mice or rats but still. seeing an animal helpless/dead is sad.

kitty likes toast

another night she literally swiped up my sushi with her paw and took it under the coffee table to eat it. she ended up stealing 3 pieces. love her survival instincts, just like like her owner.


mester and sophia

family shot by someone with no aim…

robyn, lyz, annabelle

all my babes were all gettin their hair did at the same time at the serge normant salon. Aura does my hair and is the best.


we strolled through to west village to chinatown and went to andre’s apartment


oh guess who.

then watched our favorite short film, ‘men make women crazy theory’ (by zoe casavettes) that charlotte did wardrobe for. we ordered enough lil frankies for 6 people and then called it a night.

back to fashion fashion fashion

mark chillaxing.


mia n me

after pretty much wearing a clutch in real life for the first time, because i am the ULTIMATE BAG LADY. i carry most of my life with me at all times (definitely does a number on my back, -CON-). when i dont bring my life with me on a daily basis, the time i actually need something that i usually carry, its not there and i alwayssss regret it. if i try to put it in a normal size purse, i lose things. but this clutch made me feel free and feminine. im definitely going to start experimenting with them now. so thank you tommy meghan v and ilarjia , to taking yet another step up into womanhood.

the show was so beautiful with benches classic park lights, stones covering the floor, ivy covering brick walls and trees. seating was great too.

i mean sitting near anna wintour and directly across from uma thurman, who is like one of my very few girl crushes was a memorable one.


my anna series…

the show began with symphonic gimme shelter which is one of my favorite rolling stones songs of all time. so that literally gave me chills from the get go.

my camera just wasnt adjusting with the lighting so forgive the blurs

REALLY into those trousers

uma update

love when i can make ruby smile during the finale

then went over to thecobrasnake x colette party at the shake shack…. .up next


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7 responses to “I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down

  1. Cory your work is amazing! Your take on life is honest and intelligent. Plus you look beautiful yourself! Keep on working hard your voice and vision is the future.

  2. Looks like an amazing time again. Love you trousers at the Hilfiger show.

    x from London,


  3. Sofia Salas

    like always said BEAUTIFULL.-

  4. queent

    omg worst fam photo ever! what idiot was that !?!

  5. queeny

    queeny not queent

  6. I like the blurs after all. amazing shots.

    Love from Brazil,

  7. bleach + french fries = my life.. love the anna series, seems like she just ends up looking at you in slow motion.. http://backstreetbirds.wordpress.com/

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