clowns to the left, jokers to the right

the NAHM presentation….. much more!! click click


i love when i can share new designers with everyone. the emerging and up and coming are the future. NAHM by ally hilfiger

dont you just love my NAHM dress??

it certainy runs in the family with dad tommy supporting 🙂

then skipped across milk studios to see pamela love’s presentation

time for betseys show

met up with shenae for some catch up time

shenae nae, me, coco rocha

so basically we had our seats everythings fine im bbming with dani stahl across the runway like always… and that girl who dated the kardashian brother, the cheetah girl- sat down with her whole crew, and expected them all to sit next to her front row…. well of course that’d not how it works, everyone knows that right? the three of us are just sitting there watching her get high and mighty with the PR girls. she then was like ‘THIS IS A BIG FUCKING PROBLEM’, so she got one of her crew to basically sit in a non-existant chair next to (on coco’s lap) coco. so we were all like this girl is kind of psycho and entertaining so whatevs. and enjoyed her behavior throughout the show.  diva.

you know betsey, never a show without HOT PINK EVERYWHERE!

this model just kind of just stopped on the runway a tad too short.

betsey’s daughter

fun family finale!

and yes duh betsey did the cartwheel and all

and went to max azria’s dinner party

after walked over to the purple party at ze boom boom room

got to catch up with llohan which was very nice, shes doing very well and was prepping for hosting the SNL which aired 2 weeks ago. you go girl. also got to catch up with caroline one of my serious loves.

more FW to come!!!!


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12 responses to “clowns to the left, jokers to the right

  1. Sofia Salas

    Perfect cory, you inspire me always.. God bless you.-

  2. Phew. Has a show ever gone by for her except once, sans cartwheel?
    I wait in terror for the day the cartwheeling expires. I’m sure she’ll make up for it with twirls or something equally magic. And hey, your friendy got a free lap dance (kinda)!



  3. Oops, Sorry. WordPress-spastic., BunnyCord, TheSupermodelGraveyard – all on wordpress (neighbor)

  4. The NAHM presentation looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing girlie.

  5. Gotta love Betsey Johnson… and that first photo is adorable!

  6. Good god you ignored those girls and enjoyed the runway,keep posting cause we read and it is intertaining (: you make me feel good about my messy hair haha

  7. I absolutelly love the NAHM clothes AND your flowerd long skirt as well.

    All my love from Brazil,

  8. i’m happy that lindsay is doing well ❤

  9. Cory you get more beautiful and interesting by the hour. I really enjoy your take on the fashion world .

  10. love your striped pants and your vintage top… 😮
    only able to check your blog again here after a long time coz i dont have connection at home lol anyway i always love your posts cory 😀

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