vip 223

vegas….. and more NYFW……

the degen presentation

passing by…

derek and dani.

charlottes show!!!

cha cha

some nylon crew

so proud of you charlotte. this was my absolute favorite collection youve ever shown. seriously.

karen walker

THOSE BOOTS I DIE FOR. you cant see them well in the photos but they are cream and coral with a paisley like print.

more NYFW to come!!


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6 responses to “vip 223

  1. Charlotte Ronsons pieces look very powerfull, looks like an amazing show.

    Love from London,

  2. sofia salas

    Beautifull like always cory

  3. Looks like a wonderful life. Keep it coming.

  4. Yoda

    what is your camera model? i want to know what camera you use always. please let me know^ㅠ^

  5. Wheres your blue shirt from? its beautiful.
    As always, I loved the runway shots.

    All my love from Brazil,

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