this is a woody allen post

my mom and sisters went to tampa (treasure island), florida to visit some long lost family for the holidays. 

the room was so nice, being able to see the hear the ocean all the time. growing up in california youd think I would care but its such a nice getaway from new york city. 

star of the post…. woody allen!! (and his band)

it was pretty amazing to see how excited my mom was since this had been one of her favorite people her entire life, and so we all grew up loving him as well.

we were also front row which was incredible. so im sorry for the overload of woody pics, since its not ver often anyone sees him, but who dosnt love some wood man


we went parasailing!!! it was so amazing, really. i was totally at peace up there. if you havnt done it because you think its too scary, its really not and you should definitely experience it.

getting photos developed from my adventure trip upstate today, so hopefully have those up by tomorrow or …. whenever i can focus. fashion week is about to begin now!


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5 responses to “this is a woody allen post

  1. Dude

    The star of the post is you… °°)

  2. kyuu

    i absolutely luv woody allen! ♥
    thx 4 these stunning pics!!!

  3. love the beach shots, you defnitely know how to get the colors in the picture .

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