and they call it lonesome town

opening of 143 ludlow…………..

jess and chrissie

MNDR at rolling stone indoor garden

went to new museum with cedrik to see the carston holler exhibit

i put those on and i immediately got so dizzy and took them off! definitely wasnt my thing. everything you were seeing was upside-down. its so weird i can go on the most gigantic roller coaster but i cant handle some funky goggles.

the mirrored carousel

the crazy slide. i felt like a bullet going down it.

went to dj the orla kiely holiday party!!!

the launch!


mama cutrone makin her speech

nicky and jon


and NYLON january 2012

Cory’s Corner



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15 responses to “and they call it lonesome town

  1. jeanette

    Rich people try so hard to look cool!

  2. Oh what a lovely dress you have !!

  3. holden

    i must say that im following you since you werent even famous. you were just this innocent funny girl that used to go to these kings of leon members crowded parties… it was so interesting to see someone my age have fun and show us a glance of this crazy world. i was truly intrigued by your sense for fashion and your mature way of thinking. although i was very fascinated by the pictures that made it all the way to europe, i enjoyed reading your blog. you used to write what you thought about politics and the books you used to read… you were not stupid, one could tell. you were not shallow. you gave us something to think about. i liked that aspect of you as a person. dont get me wrong, i love fashion, i truly do, but i didnt care about it that much when i used to read your blog. i just liked the feeling of being not the only person thinking about same issues.

    im not one of those people who will tell you “wtf what happened to you cory” and dramatizing about it.. but i must say i feel sorry to have lost interest in you. i used to even roll my eyes when i read negative comments on your changing style etc because i somehow believed you’re still cool.

    but now i saw a documentary about you and i must say you really came of as a lame, shallow person who just really needs the attention to make it in life. dont get me wrong. i dont want to offend you, i was happy to see your face on television, but i felt ashamed when i was the person who said “oh we should watch this, shes a cool person”. cause you didnt come of as a cool person. you were just getting photographed by people who said to the camera that you lost your ‘thing’. and im afraid theyre right

    your blog is only pictures of fashion weeks and parties youre supposed to host.. i love fashion, parties, good music.. though this blog seems quite vacant and boring to me now. it has no content besides getting photographed at cool parties with cool people while dancing to cool music.

    i really hope you dont get me wrong. but i wonder whats on your mind and how you think about this. you get a lot of readers… you can reach such a big audience, you can make people think about their lives and politics and such. and all you do is post pictures of your outfits. i dont know.

    (dont hate me on this post, but i somehow needed to write that down)

  4. itscorykennedy

    thanks for reach out holden. as you can imagine how fame and all of this came to me pretty much overnight, and unexpectedly. ive had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what to do with my life and move forward, or sometimes try to reason with why me? why out of all people me? should i continue in this world of fashion and fame? so sometimes i resent what i do and show, simply because im very confused at this point. anyway not to get too deep but youre completely right. ill remember this the next time i update.


  5. hay

    i love you coryyyy!!!! -xoxo from malaysia-

  6. I was actually always thinking…why doesn’t she ever write more things or show other aspects of her life?
    You seem like actually an interesting person and I’m sure there’s more to you than just parties and fashion.
    I’m not even close to famous and not interested in being famous, but I can imagine how that can change your life and lead you to be confused about who you are and what you’re going to do with your life. I hope that whatever you do, you are happy and not just shallowly living life, I am pretty much the opposite of you, don’t many friends, never party and I think we are the same age, but I question what is around me, and expect to make positive changes in the world with my everyday actions. If you ever want to talk to someone who is not your family and not your famous or party friends, I’m here. Good luck!

  7. The Fonki Man Himself

    Moi je dis reste bien cool Cory , change pas !
    Tu n’imagine pas le nombre de filles que je connais qui tentent de te ressembler, c’est… hallucinant 🙂
    Et personellement je ne me lasse pas de venir regarder les news sur ton blog…

    Je ne comprend pas ceux qui te juge et qui pensent que t’a changé, tu évolue et puis c’est tout ! Tu reste vraiment naturelle et funky fresh comparé aux mannequins que l’on vois d’habitude sans sourire ni personalité, enfin bon, c’est mon avis de parfait anonyme…

    Tchuss !

  8. Omg youre SO cute! I love your photos and lifestyle, really !

  9. we love you cory.. always waiting for your awesome pics and some cool fashion stuff.. just do your thing

    your fan as always …

    by the way.. i havent seen peaches geldoff in your pics.. where is she?

  10. Sofia

    I honestly feel the need to tell you’re a person I admire very much for your honesty. On the other hand you seem way too beautiful and I love your style … I identify with you in many ways, wanted to be like you .. I love you and follow you forever

  11. cory you’re looking so stunning

  12. The guy in the first pic looks like

  13. Diana

    I think “Intrigue” is the right word to describe what we feel for you. Or I feel, I can’t talk for everyone just read what Holden said and relate to his fascination, and now bored with pictures of people you know. I have to say that I read the other blog also, and saw your pictures and got fascinated at how a girl even younger than me lived such an amazing life, had such an amazing style (which is hard to get when you have people around you that just want you to fit in and not be yourself) and a shitload of lust for life! Stop thinking about why you, you seem average, but you’re not. You’re special, and that’s that.
    And about the loosing something, I think one can never lose good taste, but one can lose joy of life…you see, we fantasize about having your life, because …well, me I can’t even get out of bed I’m tired. I hate working, studying, going to get the money so I can ‘enjoy life’ but really i’m too tired I rather sleep, and I see a picture of you ( and it makes me want to dress up, get out, eat everything, fuck everyone, dance amazing music…just enjoy. And it sounds like i’m totally gay and a fat ass lazy, but i’m not, i’m a designer. I make my life a hell to make other people’s life prettier. And also, I’m done with speaking english for today. Go be on the magazines, act, sing, dance, write, paint, go on a quest to get your modjo back and then make a movie about it hahaha 🙂 you are amusing (I asume that word comes from “a muse”) even in darker times you should embrace that and become it. I think this years are dark for everyone, makes me want to burnt it all and start again

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