let the only sound be the overflow

the molami headphone launch in the US at fivestory!!!!! …. CLICK CLICK CLICK

HVN in the house

jen, claire

the korn concert with jon alagem

got my nails did in bk.

the universe


katy perry after party for show at MSG

went to the premiere of the ‘the artist’ with aaron

the cast

ran into arden and went to this underground crazy art costume party… it was really intense

mia and aaron


went to soho grand to see the short film by crystal moselle + obesity and speed featuring the wolf pack

introducing the wolf pack

the kennedys take scottsdale


the fam went to scottsdale, arizona to visit family friends and celebrate thanksgiving.

artsy tripple exposure.

we participated in black friday!


chilled in the food court.

waiting in parking lot. so many holiday shoppers oh my.

we went horseback riding


driving back to los angeles on the 10 there was QUITE the hold up!!!! it was insanity.

so crazy right??


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14 responses to “let the only sound be the overflow

  1. Cory you look beautiful riding the horse xx

  2. someone should’ve started a party there…

  3. holly

    Who is that blonde girl in the picture with katy perry ?

  4. @holly it’s sky ferreira.

  5. Cory!! What camera are you using! Your photos are pretty cool. 🙂

  6. I absolutely LOVE the arizona pictures, specially the ones on the horse ride, amazing. love love


  7. really love your shots.. it tells the whole story even without words…

  8. pdextr

    Somebody looks VERY happy on horseback…

  9. L

    You’re beautiful Cory!

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    Feel free to give me your feedback

  10. cotton candy LA

    your youngest sister grew up a loot! how pretty chandler! ♥ i remember her when you are not yet famous, and everyone just beleived Chandler was your only sister! haha and everyone starts to add her in myspace. She was always so cute with people. After all world realize exist more kennedys! haha
    your mother looks so cool mother!

  11. OoOoO

    I miss the era when you and Maggy just go around with Mark! ooh I miss that Cory! you was so cute, (and you still =]) buuut was more cool for real people! becouse we watch a real kid go around in that “posh hype” world.. and you was the most fresh ,chilling with that kind of super rich teens. U need to go more often around living crazy adventures in more different kind of environments! now is just about after party, dj private party, openings stores, i study in this super expensive univerity, im the new cool singer, my dad is…,,im the new cool singer i work hard to arrive here but aah yes my family is super rich,, .., and bla bla… haha but this kind of things with your vision when u was more llttle was more natural and cool Cory KL.
    but im still following you by the way! but i just miss that era.

  12. L

    Can’t wait to read you again ! Waiting for another 🙂

    NEW POST ON : http://globeparis.blogspot.com !!!

    Follow me and please do not hesitate to give your feedback 🙂


  13. anon

    so much bad hair…

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