minimal envy

nylon dinner with elizabeth olsen and her sissies…. CLICK FOR MORE



we are family.

one sunday morning i went hiking in harriman state park. its so nice to get out of the city and be able to be surrounded by all of this nature, and really quite actually get a breath of fresh air.

dude sitting in union square 7:30 a.m sunday morning

enjoying the incred view


wheres waldo/rojas

then i djed for realm boutique to welcome new to realm designer jitrois

cant stop wont stop my red bull-even though i can only drink 3 or i start getting a headache. siiiick.

halloween had dinner @ indochine with chrissie, charlotte, amanda, mr mickey, and drewpz


hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving as well…

on another note ‘corys corner’ will be back up and running in nylon magazine, so please send me any ideas you guys have for the column!!!!! lets go crazay.


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9 responses to “minimal envy

  1. cass

    in what issue is CORY’S CORNER comming out in ?

  2. the state park is beautiful, escaping into nature is always a great thing

  3. J

    Cory u look so good in leather blouse with fringes- sexy as hell

  4. can’t wait to read your articles… that i’ve officially subscried to nylon i’ll finally be up to date!!!!!!!!

  5. you should do a cory’s corner on your fave cameras 🙂

  6. marissa

    Yeah that’s a great idea- I would love to hear about what cameras and film are your favorite!

  7. Franco

    De puta madre encontrarte aqui !

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