take that body downtown


first of all happy halloween!

miami with curtis

went to go see the horrors with marv and mark at webster hall


flo came to town!!!!!!!

singing from ceremonials

afta the afta party

no mairead dont open that with your teeth!!!!!!!!!


raynas birthdayhappy bday rayna!


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8 responses to “take that body downtown

  1. Oh florence, I am jealous!

  2. Hinalem

    you are the best cory,

    kisses from a peruvian fan

  3. Susi

    florence and blake! you’re just livin it, basically

  4. lordy. i agree. florence and blake!

  5. claire

    Reblogged this on Claire.

  6. Ridiculous…a friend said you were most photogenic person a once upon a time…#tooright #wishIboughtMypolaroid


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