never going back again

getting ready with alice and olivia….

jen kao

craze nails.

doesnt the runway look like shes walking on the moon??

diesel black gold

when ruby walked by i shouted and made her laugh

outside diesel show

jeremy scott

last but not least anna sui

thats it for fashion week yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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9 responses to “never going back again

  1. sally

    Oh my gosh Cory your wrinkles??? I recommend lots of microthermal facials, radiesse shots and 24 hour sunblock. You are too young to be having laugh line wrinkles at such a young age!!!

  2. loup

    I think that it is your brain which is wrinkled

  3. sally

    I rather have wrinkles in my brains than in my face!

  4. nice makeup, i love it

  5. Loove the runway pictures and that paperwork thing is amazing !

    I love your blog Cory !


  6. nicole

    i think being superficial is the ugliest.

  7. CoryFan

    I agree with Nicole. “Being superficial is the ugliest”.

  8. beautiful make-up, cory! jeremy scott’s fashion is as awesome as always 🙂

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