everlasting gob


@the mondrian hotel penthouse

tennessee and i djed

celebrating no collection and a short film by tabitha denholm.

watch here. I LOVE IT. proud of you tabbles.

anyway on with the event!

no that miu miu bag is NOT alive.

shopping for…..bandini’s doggles…

pretty handsome. pretty necessary.

charlotte ronson x sephora

NYFW SS 2012

started off with the degen presentation…. which tennessee and i hurried to before rachel comey

sydney: “its the building with the yarn all over it!!!”

me: “oh of course…..”

little did i know it really was the building with yarn all over it


best shorts ever. ever.

23 year old lindsay degen

not your typical model during fashion week

she just brought her bunny along


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7 responses to “everlasting gob

  1. Imi

    Still can’t get over that Miu Miu bag! Hahahaha! Thanks for the post:)

  2. forevernunca

    I would totally stop at the knitting lessons booth!

  3. Love the view in the first pictures, seems like you had an amazing time! love your pics 🙂
    cheers from Brazil.

    if you wanna check my photographs


  4. That roof party looked cray

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