well stand against the test of time

converse event….

event at moma

and more summer

more lcd

back in la

went and saw flo at the greek

amazing per usual

markus lupfer in nyc nexxxt


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8 responses to “well stand against the test of time

  1. An

    I like your shoes on the first photos! gold shoes & u look nice like blondie but i like more with ur other color but always its cool change!!!!!!!!!!

    i like florence her hair its marvelous!! talkin about florence my dogs day starts tomorrow the summer have just end and tomorrow college again wuwuwuw! not cool hahaha 😉

  2. Loooove your blonde hair!! you really do look gorgeous !

    All the best wishes from Brazil!


  3. Daniel Vivington

    you are pathetic. get a job.

  4. these pictures with the guy who sits on the edge of the roof gave me chills.

  5. Ro

    looks like you had a great time!
    i’d kill to see Florence live.

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