my chills and thrills and spills


RIP stubs

whats a road trip without a stop at in n out burger?

started off with checking in to the wrong hotel in palm springs.


philip lim party

the ariel pink breakdown

back in new york……

summer garden parties

tommy hilfiger event

al djed


made a stop for pizza…..


natalie joos event for


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19 responses to “my chills and thrills and spills

  1. love the pics! as usual 🙂

  2. JohnnyCaramello

    U r so fat and ugly now. U know what mean’s has been ?

  3. Liz

    nice Coachella pics!

    a shop for fans of Cory’s style:

  4. ray armstrong

    omg! Green Day!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kate

    who is this caramello?! you re just a cute young women, no more a teen and that’s fine! u do great job with nylon and u r a true music lovers, keep going cory! life doesn’t stop after 19

  6. You have a job at Nylon, friends with famous people, you get to go to any fashion show, party what ever! U r some lucky chic!! Wish I would of bumped into you at Coachella!

  7. elle

    wow you look fantastic in that red dress! And I like your haircoulor. WTF fat? Where?? Skinny..

  8. SLT

    Oooooh I’M SOOOOO Jealous! Coachella is where I want to go now!
    I saw the documentary about “It Girls” in France and I Say FUCK JALOUSE! (One of those bitch said ugly stuff about you in the documentary in french)

    Love the pics 🙂

  9. Coachella is like my dream! really, im saving money so I can go next year!! and Philip Lim party? like seriously ? youre AMAZING Cory!!


  10. LaChouette

    I love your blog! Wich camera do you use?

  11. Astrid

    The similarity between you and Sky is uncanny!

  12. j

    you’re so beautiful, healthy-looking, and down-to-earth cory. i’m guessing you don’t let those kind of shallow (UNTRUE) comments get to you, but in case you do…remember that people are just jealous of your charm. not every “it girl” can make a splash and still sustain themselves afterwards..the difference is that you’re intelligent and you love life- and that really comes through in the way you talk and write. you’re an important role model for young girls because you don’t try to just sell your body…you value a unique and confident sense of personal style. girls need that these days! keep it up.

  13. itscorykennedy

    you just made my day! (ive never responded to a comment….ever)

  14. Adam Green is a phony jerk with no talent.

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