and her head has no room

issa london ………………


henry holland

henners after party…

late on/off show after henrys…

best friends

anthony and beths birthday


charles anastase


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12 responses to “and her head has no room

  1. wtf!!!!!!!! I am so jealous I love this!!!!!
    amazing collections and I like your hair like that.
    I like brunette too.


  2. R u kidding me? what happened to the great Cory Kennedy u used to be! Blonde like the fucking other bitches? OMG

  3. hanna

    i really love ur hair, don’t listen to this shit. “love the old cory” because of her hair!??!. Are YOU kidding us?

  4. steph

    I really love the dress you’re wearing in photo # 4.

    PS- You look gorgeous blonde!

  5. Aaron Lee E.

    SERIOUSLY . . . DO NOT LISTEN TO this “Flor” person, “the OLD Cory”??

    FLOR, IT IS CALLED . . . Growing Up! Changing from Season-to-Season. The reason one individual inspires and IS a FASHION ICON IS BECAUSE: THEY ALLOW THEMSELVES TO EVOLVE DAY-to-DAY!!! If EVERYBODY stayed the same FOREVER, NOBODY would be the LEAST BIT INTERESTED!!! It’s BEAUTIFUL to see Cory growing up, EVOLVING INTO A WOMAN from the young girl she was when she began her career in high school living in California!! KEEP DOIN’ WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’ CORY!! LOVE seeing your style change & flourish : ]
    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! Much LOVE, from Aaron back home in S.California

    Ps: We STILL GOTTA kick it sometime and hit up some spots together : ]

  6. I just love that you’re friends with Beth Ditto, mind blowing!!

  7. loove it, what knd of camera do u have?

    check out my new post from Washington, dc

  8. hk

    love the blonde, girl

  9. Karina

    Cory a fashion icon! Says who?? You mean trashy icon!

  10. Wow, I really like your hair more and more. Beth looks frigging awesome! 😀

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