and a thousand nights went by

rebecca minkoff….

rachel antonoffs school dance!

rachels mom actually made the punch.

purple dinner @ mr chow

headed to the after party with jen and jo

during fashion week wade was shooting me for a jalouse editorial- the transformation

went to three as four with

rachel comey


grace coddington waiting for y-3 to begin

and my effing favorite show was

supporting josephine at agent provacateur ….


alice and olivia at the plaza


after diesel black gold, more transforming….

one more NYC show then london and paris!


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25 responses to “and a thousand nights went by

  1. celeste

    What on earth r u wearing?

  2. brooklynberry

    that’s grand central station, not penn station.

  3. Megan

    Loved this one Cory, thanks for posting
    and you look amazing as per usual


  4. Effy

    oh man what the hell happened to your style???? It looks really bad seriously. You used to be so creative with your clothes…….Don’t lie to her people don’t tell her she looks great cause she doesn’t. you’re a pretty girl get it together.

  5. hanna

    i liked the style when ur wearing stockings and that darkblue sweater!

  6. jetstone

    There are fake friends everywhere.
    God I wish Cory went back to her cool it girl style. Now its WTF happened to Cory Kennedy? I see that when she talks her mouth moves side ways.

  7. La Chouette

    @Effy : if you think that she looks serious you don’t know what serious means. i think she’s still creative with her clothes just on an other way she was a few years ago. taste changes , style changes.

  8. you’re so lovely on “Life” photo !!
    great post ❤

  9. germain

    Yes peoples style change but it doesn’t mean bads styling is good. Or bad taste in clothes is creative.
    Just admit her style is terrible. I would not in a million years hire her to style my clothes. Her style is skid row style. Homeless people would totally love her style!! She just looks dirty.

  10. velouria

    Joséphine de la BAume and not de la boume!

  11. JV

    go edit your own blogs losers

  12. Marissa

    Love it. Cory you are awesome and you are so beautiful that you can make anything look good.

  13. derrielle

    guys seriously, it’s HER STYLE FOR GOD’S SAKE. stop complaining about it! style is what you want to show to people by not giving a single damn about it. let her be! she’s still gorgeous with all that stuff on her. but maybe it’s gonna be a different story when somebody else’s try to wear it.

  14. Maïli

    Good article for Jalouse and the shooting was so amazing. Good luck for the future and take smile really 🙂

  15. @i

    her style has gotten pretty weird but I do like some of her outfits and in most of the photos she looks like she is on some kind of drug but I still like you Cory!

  16. SLT

    You’re blond now 🙂 Cool ^^

  17. Keira

    Cory you seem like a nice person, but I really wish you had a better eye in choosing what looks best on you. A lot of your stuff is distracting from your good looks. Sorry. Just saying.

  18. cassy

    tu es très jolie, très très jolie comme d’habitude !
    Je t’aim brune, mais je t’aime blonde aussi ! J’ai lu le Jalouse, j’espère que tu va bien. bisous !

    une francaise

  19. love the pictures!
    a hello from your Brazilian fan!

    check out my new post from Washington, dc

  20. hk

    really really love the style. fuck em.

  21. That was very interesting, thanks.

  22. holden

    i must say that im following you since you werent even famous. you were just this innocent funny girl that used to go to these kings of leon members crowded parties… it was so interesting to see someone my age have fun and show us a glance of this crazy world. i was truly intrigued by your sense for fashion and your mature way of thinking. although i was very fascinated by the pictures that made it all the way to europe, i enjoyed reading your blog. you used to write what you thought about politics and the books you used to read… you were not stupid, one could tell. you were not shallow. you gave us something to think about. i liked that aspect of you as a person. dont get me wrong, i love fashion, i truly do, but i didnt care about it that much when i used to read your blog. i just liked the feeling of being not the only person thinking about same issues.

    im not one of those people who will tell you “wtf what happened to you cory” and dramatizing about it.. but i must say i feel sorry to have lost interest in you. i used to even roll my eyes when i read negative comments on your changing style etc because i somehow believed you’re still cool.

    but now i saw a documentary about you and i must say you really came of as a lame, shallow person who just really needs the attention to make it in life. dont get me wrong. i dont want to offend you, i was happy to see your face on television, but i felt ashamed when i was the person who said “oh we should watch this, shes a cool person”. cause you didnt come of as a cool person. you were just getting photographed by people who said to the camera that you lost your ‘thing’. and im afraid theyre right

    your blog is only pictures of fashion weeks and parties youre supposed to host.. i love fashion, parties, good music.. though this blog seems quite vacant and boring to me now. it has no content besides getting photographed at cool parties with cool people while dancing to cool music.

    i really hope you dont get me wrong. but i wonder whats on your mind and how you think about this. you get a lot of readers… you can reach such a big audience, you can make people think about their lives and politics and such. and all you do is post pictures of your outfits. i dont know.

    (dont hate me on this post, but i somehow needed to write that down)

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