Joyrich x LeSportsac SS 2011

here is the campaign i did with joyrich in collaboration with lesportsac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can watch behind the scenes here…..


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43 responses to “Joyrich x LeSportsac SS 2011

  1. Wow. This is one of the best photoshoots I’ve seen you in. I love it! You look amazing!

  2. she’s breath taking – beautifully created moment – with such passion is always admired — later days

  3. I think you have a natural beauty but you deffinately look STUNNING with some makeup and heels.

    Garment theories and visual relations in Garment>>

  4. Very lovely! The camera loves you! You definitely have “it!” Lucky lucky girl.

  5. angelina

    Looks cheap. Especially the one where you r jumping. So not Lindsey Wixon ! I would be embarrassed to post these pictures.
    Haha! Trying to be fancy!

  6. Lulabelle

    YOu look great Cory and are a true beauty.

  7. ergd

    i actually don’t mind some of the shots but did you have a few lines of blow (for the nerves) before the shoot? hah

  8. Marissa

    SO HOT!! This shoot is absolutely stunning!! You should be VERY DAMN PROUD of this shoot, you’re gorgeous. Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous of you.

  9. isabella

    you’re looking good again

  10. eeeeeee

    you are so fucking beautiful,love you coryy

  11. Looking like a glamorous Hollywood superstar 🙂

  12. hanna

    Why do u never show ur legs? Theyre awsome.. Such a waste.

  13. k

    you look awesome in the shoot!

  14. Angela

    people who comment nasty things on blogs of beautiful successful ladies are of the worst nature..and extremely tacky…they’ll get theirs…;)

    keep doin what you do sexy lady!!

  15. Lindsey Wixson is the poor mans CorKen! Would it be easier if Miuccia said it was ok Angelina ? tool

  16. Chadwick

    Dear Angelina,
    I think in all fairness you should submit your sweet sexy ass to the blog. So Cory can maybe get some pointers on what to do next time. As I am sure you get paid a lot of money for your aesthetic and popularity. Please share with us so we can all learn what exactly Expensive looks like.


  17. JV

    omg guys do you think that’s Angelina from the Jersey Shore? Congrats sister girl, looking very beautiful and very happy xx

  18. Dan

    Wow, Cory! You look gorgeous! Congratulations!

  19. Rayna

    LOL…you’re def NOT model material. In all honestly not jealously…these are TERRIBLE

  20. ***

    Nah, you’re fabulous Cory

  21. those pictures are fucking awesome

  22. Steffy

    I missssss you 😦
    You raging badass hottie. x

  23. Barby

    Iuuujuuuuu!! 🙂
    Very good pics, you are so beautiful Cory..

  24. love it ! you looks gorgeous
    xx from france

  25. Lalaine

    Totally amazing. You make the bags look so desirable. Love it.

  26. laboumeseline

    I like your cobra snake days better. : ( You turned into a sell out. Money ruins fashion.

  27. i really love the way you are cory.. youre a kick ass! kudos! ❤

  28. cassy

    Tu es magnifique sur les photos !
    On a tout de suite envie d’acheter les sacs LeSportsac !
    En as-tu un ?
    J’espère que tu va bien, bisous de France

  29. natalia

    Espectacular deberías hacer cosas de estas más amenudo 🙂

  30. GORGEOUS !!

    I have some new posts, check it out here:

    take care.

  31. SLT

    Very very nice 🙂

  32. please!! another post!! quickly 😀

    kiss from Paris.

  33. urbanbehaviour

    Very nice photos! check out my blog

  34. daniela

    te ves preciosa, te felicito por la tendencia que has marcado, eres un icono de la moda, muchos saludos de Chile!!


  35. daniela

    you look gorgeous, I congratulate you on the trend that has marked, you’re a fashion icon, many greetings from Chile


  36. Herrlich, endlich habe ich das Problem ganz verstanden 🙂

  37. this is so awesome and great!
    you did such a good job and this is such a cool collaboration! jealous!

    –Style Interplay–

  38. julia

    Great photos, love le sportsac and love your blog.

    Please take a look at my blog and if you like, follow. I’d really appreciate the support. xx

  39. derrielle

    those people who throw a hate comments just simply jealous of your gorgeousness.


  40. hey thurr

    the pics look like absolute crap

  41. stephanie

    Jelousy is the worst insult to ourselves, cory u shine!! I adore u!!! all the nasty ppl, they will die without ever knowing, instead of saying nasty things i would like to see how much artistic are these ppl, and I bet they havent got not even close as u, million blessings dear

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