shes got a cactus crown

went to joshua tree to go to this sound bath called integratron which was such an awesome experience ……


stopped by a casino, as one should.

meghan-such a gambler, you can smoke in casinos so she tried to smoke as many cigarettes inside as possible.

on the road


those clouds were insane

made it to joshua tree woo woo

checked into pioneer town….

the motel

there she is. the integratron.

goin up

everyone got yoga mats, blankets and pillows to prepare for the unexpected trance.

it was kind of like i was in a hypnotic state as the sound reverberated through my entire body. it was like nothing i had ever experienced as the sound put me to sleep.


saw the most amazing homies in the quarter machines there…

headed over to pioneer town, yes like that.

the next day we hiked up a mountain

tired. after we went to pappy and harriets to eat. to my surprise the ghost of a saber tooth tiger poster was hanging on the front door!

sort of went thrifting

thought that one was weird… but cute still… and that was the trip to joshua tree!


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9 responses to “shes got a cactus crown

  1. bianca

    hey cory, was at the ny/london party last night but didn’t get a chance to say hi! hope you had a good night and birthday! bianca x

  2. like horror film environment 😀

    nice photo’s :3

  3. i just love tha way you think

  4. i love the light leaks… it looks like fire in some of those pictures :]

  5. So beautiful. What kind of camera do you have?


  7. OMG I totally love those trips to random places, its by far my favorite thing to do.
    I have some new posts, check it out here:

    take care.

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