businessmen drink my blood

halloween finalllllly

halloween eve djed at kenmare….

saw lil kim with rayna and mike

and the day of halloween went to macs house

i was linus

rayna as adam green

adam green as a dog

alia as a harajuku girl

mac as alexander delarge

then i turned into a cat

happy halloween

before going to see kate nash at terminal 5 adam and i stopped by showroom seven for carmen kass’s event

had sunday brunch with mairead at the smile

thanksgiving with the cummings in newton massachusetts….

walked around harvard for a bit


the john harvard

tim joined us too, set the table.

after the feast-

pretty much.

zoo the next day

mother and baby

peacock on the loose!

the next day we did a duck boat tour

mike drivin the boat.

thank you cummings family for having me for thanksgiving.


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20 responses to “businessmen drink my blood

  1. kamiyamakyo

    ❤ from china 🙂

  2. i love your photos! lots of love from KOREA xxx

  3. Purple

    You’re back! 😀

  4. Lea

    Hey, your blog is so nice!
    My blog’s called L.M (, are you maybe interested in link exchange?

    bye 🙂

  5. howareyou.

    how on earth is she pouring that OJ without even holding it? JEDIMINDTRICKS.?

  6. peach

    This is so old! Lame blog!

  7. What’s up with the magic OJ??

  8. hey cory! cresto de argentina
    This photo is flying the juice?

    jaja sos la mejor,las mejores fotos.


  9. tell adam to make a new post on the lakeroom!

  10. CULKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lily

    lemur is the new black.

  12. look so fun and cozy

  13. lyssa

    hey what camera do you use?

  14. Vanessa C.

    great photos. what camera did you use?

  15. Lily

    What on earth? I stared at the orange juice for approximately three minutes. What sort of camera did you use? WHAT. Please elaborate love!!!!

  16. I love the shots with the flying leaves!

  17. a lot of animals rsrsrs ;D

  18. love the halloween’s pics, that Mario’s costume is amazing!

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