i feel like meat on the street

night out on the town started with the gen art resurrection benefitĀ 

then headed to the guggenheim for the hugo boss prize event….

meghans birthday!

indian food and karaoke

went to ralph lauren event… saw actual 4D PEOPLE. it was awesssssssssssome. it was a film that played on the front of the ralph lauren building- incorporating the architecture of the building. really impressive.

where we headed back downtown and rojas proceeded to eat 2 black market burgers…

after i walked in and there was ralph lauren. i was so starstruck. i never ever am starstruck either. and then i got to meet him! it was really great.

also, very impressive.

there was a rumor going around about how dinosaurs had been hanging out at the natural history museum? adam and i had to check it out.

rumor: so true.


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17 responses to “i feel like meat on the street

  1. that sure as hell looked like fun.

    :O Mr Ralph himself! im awestruck.

  2. roomsunandsky

    amazing, as always.

  3. sjaba


  4. Maximo

    Cory you’re beautiful.

  5. lovin the last picture


  7. check out my bloggggger

  8. ralph’s best friend rsrsrrs cool

  9. cassie

    i love youuuuuuuuu so much,thanks for being what you are,the best ever

  10. clem

    are you and adam dating?

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