twisted little girl

cushnie et ochs show….

love you sis congrats

and here are some older ones on a visit to LA i havnt posted yet

noah and michaels new and improved guest house

red hands, you cant tell though.

the plan.

and mags came to town, her last visit before she moved to africa

and went to see the like at the troubadour

and ran into agy!


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9 responses to “twisted little girl

  1. Classic post CK i like the one with Aggy & Matt Saunders he’s just popping up everywhere these days! Do you think I belong in Jail? -ag

  2. i liked the photo with the old car.

  3. awesome pics! they are always so much inspiring! i’m abolutely your fan 😉

  4. I love this collection’s make up so bright.

  5. You always have great journey. Jealous you

  6. The girl with black and white tops in the band is really pretty

  7. Ah, I assume the title of this posted is a Julian Casablancas/Sparklehorse reference? Perfect. Absolutely adore every bit of this post. I always look forward to your contributions in NYLON. xx

  8. i love your photography

  9. Just like commenting for the sake of it. It makes whoever posted the article feel that somebody cares. and we do!

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