bill clinton in my head

kicked off fashion week with the vena cava show @ milk studios……

heres an interview with the two designers, lisa mayock and sophie buhai before the show….

went to smashing pumpkins show with jon @ terminal 5….

ran into jess there


we also went to see korn and rob zombie in new jersey…..

what a dude.

and korn

such an amazing show.

a family affair at black market…

then went w crad to princeton to get out of the city for a few days

after a movie, driving back… we saw this dead fox in the middle of the road

it was so sad. we couldnt just leave it there so we brought it back and buried it in the forest in the morning.

if anyone can guess which famous photo this resembles ill give you 5 bucks.

poor foxy



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34 responses to “bill clinton in my head

  1. here u have goy mi wordpress, iwouldliek know what do u think!! xxx

  2. i would like what do u think about my blog thanks!! xxxx

  3. jt

    that photo of the fox looks like the scene on the intro of true blood

  4. R.I.P. fox. It’s such a beautiful creature.

  5. At first i thought the foxy was sleeping 😦
    it reminds of the video NIN- hurt live, i think ? did i won or not?

  6. Your runway pictures are amazing! love you Cory
    check out my photography blog:


  7. oy. sad but pretty. reminds me of antichrist? in a good way?

  8. gordon.

    some of those pictures are scary.
    you are pretty.

  9. Alex

    reminds me of the john lennon, yoko ono photo when he’s curled up

  10. rip fox, love what you did

  11. you could have done a cool hat out of that cory!

  12. yuwen

    poor foxy
    you are so sweet

  13. beautiful post lovely work!! what type of camera did you use for your runway shots?

  14. Lala

    The first image shoes are simply amazing!

    The little fox looks like an asleep little baby.


  15. I do not understand why I fell in love with girls like you …

  16. Joyce Fuddle

    hi cory – is the answer Sleeping Dog by Gabriel Orozco?

  17. Luiza

    Firefox! hahaha

  18. Oh my god..i feel so sad..this is the first time i have seen a normal people’s life!!

  19. Lol i believe the fox catch everybody’s eyebow in this post..sigh poor thing

  20. zombie is an excellent time

  21. crazy pictures, amazing amazing

  22. Pam

    Edgar Degas’ ‘The Dead Fox’ ?

  23. nonamegirl

    i love you so much for the fact that you buried the fox. honestly, that says alot about your personality! ❤

  24. the fox, hate how it makes me feel now…. you did good thing, thanks for not leaving it behind.

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  27. umm

    i know i’m really late with this, but was the fox’s tail cut off in the 3rd to last photo?

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