forget the horror here

celebrating the nylon magazine jason schwartzman cover at highlands in the west village….


honestly what a great dude. really enjoyed that dinner, and jason is a truly awesome person. i guess id have dinner with him again…..

recently leaving the kele okereke, does it offend you, yeah? and inner party system tour…..

blogging from the back of the bus: toronto

he asked me to add him on bbm so i did. hes only a chick anyway.

that thing was real!

definitely found the MOST appropriate sunnies for canada…

and then there was that… car? greenhouse.

go canada! photos by helen eriksson

then headed over to the show –

moooooooar to come


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13 responses to “forget the horror here

  1. Michelle

    Cory did you dye your hair red!? It looks red in these photos! I like it!

  2. Those glasses are rad.

  3. Paris

    Coryyyy you look beautiful here 🙂

  4. Rio D

    Darn, did not know nylon was making a stop in TO. Was that kensignton? I’m slightly new to TO and would love to know where to do some cool thrift shopping here like in your above photos. 🙂

  5. i wanna go to LA seems like its pretty fun!

    check out my photography blog

  6. gordon.

    things to like.
    things to dislike.

  7. those glasses are funny, love it

  8. when jason shwartzman was giving his speech, was it as if he’s still acting?

  9. Rachel

    Lookin’ good, Cory! ❤

  10. taylor k

    CORY I cannot believe you were in Toronto and specifically Kensington (You always find the sickest scenes)! Wish I knew, always been a fan xxoo

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