melt your popsicle

the vice party for creators project…..

neon indian


what rassi of milk studios really does after hours?…. has a jam room clubhouse.


went to ace hotel after, then met back up with mark at french roast? blurry. but here are some photos from a night at kenmare with irina.


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31 responses to “melt your popsicle

  1. angel


  2. bg

    ohhh i love girls

  3. is that neon indian?

  4. does anyone knows what brand of camera is she using??? it really has nice shots… i want to have one 🙂 , you’re really a PRO cory..!!

  5. you saw neon indian! i saw them three wks ago! niiiice.

  6. looks fun and adorable!


  7. FifiFelps

    Can someone tell me what camera cory kennedy uses? is it disposable cameras or sth else?

  8. JS

    it looks like disposable

  9. all of these are lovely

  10. required? fuck

    i loooove u,you dont know what youve done for me,thanks for all,your style is the best!

  11. Always so colorful! love your photos Cory.

    check out my photography blog:


  12. Rubén

    Love the Girls x 3 neon sign!!


  13. your blog has that mix out of simple and amazing and i lalalalaLIKE it 😉

  14. You can melt my popsicle any day

  15. you have no idea how bad i want to party with you haha

  16. Meutia Ananda

    i spot tht red long sleeves shirt gal..
    what a face 😀

  17. Ro

    what a great time!

  18. Paloma

    How do you all praise so much, she’s only human.

  19. Anyone

    Hi Cory, sorry for my bad english language, I’m French. I found a song and I love it… Perhaps you can love too =)
    It’s “Three Day Grace, I hate everything about you”. Enjoyed !

  20. poleshka

    neon indian! great, you… ROCK!! ahahaa
    cariños from Chile, Pola.

  21. b

    i think its a yashica t4 or t5

  22. very interesting subject , great post.

  23. waaah irina’s so effin precious! i missed her \:*

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