screaming this is surrender

the diesel black gold showwwww….


and backstage with mark to interview kokosolaki

awesome awesome.

went to go interview jeremy and see his collection a couple days before the show…

went to alexas collection for madwell presentation at the bowery

so proud of her!


dinner at lil frankies with conrad…

jeremys show!

went to see herchcovitch with mark…

then took a nap and went to jeremys dinner


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19 responses to “screaming this is surrender

  1. Kakoshnoqqqqq


  2. Você é tão linda! (You are so beautiful!). I’m from Brazil, pleasure. 🙂

  3. I love all of your outfits! They look great and well put together. Lucky you, you get to wear lots of Jeremy Scott stuff!

  4. sonya

    Whatever happened to that bloke you were dating?

  5. kiki

    do you get dressed in the dark? i have never seen you wearing anything remotely put together even in a haphazard way

  6. your blog is very nice!
    very interesting
    follow me on

  7. Just looveeee all of the pictures, and your style = AMAZING!

  8. jessie

    Just saw some sold pics of you! Dang you were interesting and undeniably gorgeous. I feel as if I am looking at a different cory. I guess good looks and good style does not last for ever. Really, do you dress in the dark now a days??My gradma can put some better outfits than those. Mmm even my dog. haha!

  9. alexaaaish

    love love love – start updating more plz =)

  10. you’re greattttt xox

  11. Seriously love ur blog hun. 🙂

  12. h

    hög som ett hus! 😀

  13. beautiful collection, and your outfit of course

  14. Hansoll

    Great Picture & Video!!!

  15. paulavezzulla

    Love your blog and style. And those saying you dress in the dark, well, they’re stupid.

  16. I love the black dress in the middle.

  17. Looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and elaborate information in the article you offer!

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