touch me, i’m sick

charlottes show….

. then went to charlottes after party @ avenue.

lovely kristen

then harley and cassies birthday party …

and then i met kyle…

and here are some shots from a shoot i did in echo park.

photography- michael flores

styling- leila baboi

hair & makeup- amy chance

‘dia de los muertos’

and theres some. little more fashion week ahead.

ran into these knuckleheads


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22 responses to “touch me, i’m sick

  1. your photography is great

  2. Josh

    awesome photoshoot, hooray for mexican culture!

  3. orie

    just they are all amazing! wow…

  4. kim

    Just love you in the sixth to the last photo with the hat of red flowers. 🙂

  5. hey, you posted this on my birthday!
    looking pretty, wonder what the other grocery shoppers thought

  6. Ro

    hey cory!
    Mad Hatter?

  7. nice shots cory, i just lov your blog!

    check out my photography blog:


  8. You are such a inspiring creature,
    you look amazing in this ”painted face” photoshoot.

  9. nina

    Your so damn cute little fashion deadsy bunny.

  10. you are my favourite model coryyy !

  11. nuria

    fuck me, i’m sick.

  12. that first photo is amazing. and its sick that you and cole chill..

  13. Elly

    the window shots are beaut.
    just discovered you through ASOS magazine.

    hot blog stuff.



  14. lindsay

    lolz. this is what you call amateur photography, my friends.

  15. great zombie-pictures (=

  16. I really like this pic, nice atmosphere!

  17. amy chance – she’s gorgeous

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