we were ready for anything… but this

the erin wasson for rvca show …..

it was at a rug store. everyone sat on piles of rugs and shaped into a runway. i thought i was pretty neat. never seen that been done before. the backstage was on another floor for furniture.

selby and i personally loved this one.

while mark shot photos, we shopped.


do you see something particularly gross?

then headed to the LNA party to see patti smith and metric.




p. smith.

was the day mqueen died. she made an awesome, very inspirational speech about it. it was honestly quite moving.

the cynthia rowley show…

then went to the new diesel store to get clothes for the showwww.

more FW coming.


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28 responses to “we were ready for anything… but this

  1. Ssaarraahh

    Very pretty photos cory.

  2. Ana

    sweet cute sexy stylish what more!!!!:* why arent you modeling? why?!

  3. M


  4. Valentina

    Pretty cool.
    By the way, was that Ke$ha?!
    Bc I noticed her right off the bat, blehh.
    I forgot the guy’s name– the one that’s sitting beside her.

  5. rosie

    ooooh is ke$ha the particularly gross thing?

  6. Amaziiiiingg Cory
    hey when will the cobra snake come to Indonesia again besides Bali? haha

  7. metric rocks and you rock as well girl

  8. lauren

    cory, are you reading patti’s new book Just Kids? it’s fantastic, i’d recommend it to all.

  9. amazing shots. Love your blue dress. and both shows are gorgerous, loove all outfits.

    check out my photography blog … http://www.raquelbrandao.wordpress.com


  10. Ssaarraahh

    Oh yeah, is Ke$ha the gross thing? cause she should be.

  11. h

    looks nice, but all those winter clothes, no thx:D

  12. Joe Zee, he’s the one next to kesha

    i really like your striped dress cory!

  13. Valentina

    Thanks, Soma!!
    Yeah, that’s him.
    And I like your striped dress as well, C.

  14. coryfan69

    ahahahah ke$ha is fucking grosss and nastyyy

  15. Adrian

    hey you kid (the one that emailed me) yes i have a blog its http://itsadrianjimenez.tumblr.com/

  16. Love your blue stripe-y dress. Looks great on you! Blue is a good color on you. Are you still together with Martin? Haven’t seen him in any pics recently.

  17. Hi Cory your pictures look great! Hate to bother but my Jeremy Scott package is currently stuck in customs n they need fabric and manufacturer info. I need my JEremy Scott items. Can you forward this message to JEremy??Its the pink bone pants with the, “Your cave or my cave” black cropped top. Coletter. fr doesn’t hurry up and send them the info. 2 more days and my package gets returned to colette. I’m going to cry if I don’t receive my items. SOrry!! You are great!!

  18. layne

    omgzgzgzz i loove me some metric.

  19. Dan

    Wow, I like the blue dress you were wearing! It’s so cool.


  20. whats kesha doing? haha.. love your boots+dress that you’re wearing

  21. whats kesha doing? haha.. love the boots+dress that you’re wearing

  22. what brand of camera is that you’re using cory?

  23. hahaha ke$ha… what a MESS!

  24. mika

    kesha is nasty and gross and ewww!

  25. Muki

    That’s a nice camera. What kind is it?

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