waving at your girl while she smiling back at me

moose had a bday…..

kell on earth premiere at tribecca grand

and on the way to mooses…..


interview magazines 40th anniversary party with mark

next day was a snowday! so obviously we went sledding in central park.

testing out possible sleds.


way prepared.

break from those massive slopes

our particular sleds didnt work like planned so we found substitutes quickly.


nyfw up next foolsz


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16 responses to “waving at your girl while she smiling back at me

  1. Ana

    awww love you and mark<3

  2. Leigh

    are you and mark still dating? i’m super confused.

  3. h

    haha ofcourse they did’nt work. but it not easy to know when you not used to snow 😀

  4. k

    loser. loove you!

  5. SHE

    oh she’s lovely

  6. oh looks fun! i wish it snowed here :/

  7. COOL!!!

  8. loooooooooove the ones on the snow… all the pics are amazing in this post!

    check out my photography blog .. ive got some nice pictures to check.


  9. /\/\/

    yeah, some snow ones are really beautiful. the one of the girl with the tobogganers in the back wow

  10. What is your crowning achievement at this point in life?

  11. What is your ethnic background?

  12. Hansoll

    Aww Your Photo is SO Pretty

  13. hye-jeong

    wow~ i love snow 🙂

  14. Vincent

    Who is “Kell” ? …she seems to be great..

    NYC girls are….interesting

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