and fly fly away, from this dirty boulevard

new york… nylon mag vampire diaries cover launch party….

mags, meg, ian and i headed to meatpacking district for ians nylon party.

ian, meghan

then downstairs to the partay



big game was on midtown…


mester... couldnt be bothered


made some new buds


after mester and i went to gaga

then some southside…


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31 responses to “and fly fly away, from this dirty boulevard

  1. What camera do you use to take those lovely old school looking pictures? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. god ian is hot. I have those tarot cards too. Hope Gaga was fun.

  3. hot pics…
    u rock girl! love your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. was that a card reading party?

  5. Is that the Page of Wands?

  6. lala

    truly, you are the worst. fucking hipster trash. get a job.

  7. hey cory what brand of camera are you using? they all got nice shots…

  8. ian is absolutely perfect, and the dog so cute…

    I love the idea of the books in the window of the kitchen.

  9. awesome pics as usual!

  10. Jennie

    Aww cute doggie…btw…You kinda resemble Kat Dennings

  11. Lucia

    what camera do you use cory? it looks like pancake lenses. do you use micro four thirds camera?

  12. lala

    You need more pics of yourself! The other ones aren’t all that interesting.

  13. Wow, such a nice picture! So vintage… Amazing. I really love your blog, check mine! xx.

  14. cassy

    dirty blvd ! so Loooove this song.
    what’s your camera ?

  15. lala

    i know cory uses disposable cams.

  16. haha cute little dogg

    check out my photography blog


  17. Wow love these photos, and tottally love your style!!! Such a fan of yours, love your bloggg

  18. James FORMAN

    found it!

  19. how you could use disposable camera so good? I’m having a hard time using them -_-“

  20. Hansoll

    Cute Dog !!!

  21. HJ

    haha sooooooooo good

  22. amazing blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hey your site looks a little bit strange in Safari on computer with Mac .

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