just wait til next year

new york …….. not in correct order

the sophomore/cass bird party at the box.


then to the alice + olivia benefit for haiti at LES




one night at the bowery….

arab parrot

aw mester

more nyc and fashion week cominnnnng up


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33 responses to “just wait til next year

  1. Kakoshnoqqqqq

    LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx joram

  2. jhk

    i like the pics with the nipples haha

  3. Yeah my favourite pics are the number 4,6,12,25,26,30,37 and 38

  4. Jamy

    Jessica Stam?
    sooo coool love ure Pix 🙂

  5. rex

    Alice + Olivia benefit looked pretty cool, but like you need better pictures. get some expression man

  6. what kind of camera has taken these pictures??
    love them!

  7. wow

    thats rice!!!!!!!!!

  8. jess stam! and you = gorgeous… the photos too, really like the effect

  9. love the pics cory, those parties seems pretty fun!
    check out mu photography blog please: http://www.raquelbrandao.wordpress.com


  10. wow ure photos are so much more alive than usual when ure in nyc, it must be a great citaaayy!

  11. I like your shirt in these photos haha
    and also liked the rice, of course!

  12. waaaahh seemed like all of your photos were taken with happy emotions… love it

  13. tired as always

    Cute as ever! Cory can you tell me where I can buy the new Jeremy Scott flinstones inspired clothes other than colette.fr and revolve?

  14. Ali

    does anyone know what camera she’s holding in the mirror pics

  15. CORY! Saw you on Kell On Earth…at the Agent Provocateur show!

    Where did you get those fingerless gloves you are wearing in the first couple pictures? I need them.


  16. Dan

    Happy birthday, Cory!
    Hope you have a great day 😀

  17. jr looks so different with blonde hair, it looks cute =)

  18. missb

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!! /kisss

  19. Agh… I remember these times when I indulged myself with Fashion Week juiciness… It was nice this time to miss it and instead, enjoy the sunny California with less rush, in jeans and hoodie not having a need to run in heels or wear uncomfortably tight cute dresses…

  20. OMG did you see this cory? speaking of birthdays this bday boy gets car jacked on his bday!

  21. Great Party!!! I wanna see more…
    Have Fun beauty!


  22. sara

    LOVE U


  23. Jane

    Hi Cory, will you come to geneva on march 5th? Steve djays in here! Please come!

  24. dessoustout

    ahhh rice!

  25. Tay

    what kind of camera do you use, i’m super curious about that. please reply!

    love how everyone here adores you for being who you are & nothing else.
    thanks for not being fake.

  26. kttykatlickylick25anonymous

    where do you get the titles from?

  27. johnny

    she’s using a yashica t4. the same camera terry richardson uses.

  28. Hansoll

    Cory , I like your check pattern Clothes.

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