tiring of trying, there’s a unnecessary dying

late new years eve……

started with a gathering and dinner at harleys house…

that pasta was incredible. thank you vierra newton family.

best part of the night was definitely driving to bardot with brady, danny, and the one and only rebessa. from that point i knew the night could not be topped.

and that was new years. hope everyone ended up safe and sound.


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23 responses to “tiring of trying, there’s a unnecessary dying

  1. Jenning

    New years was a month ago. Why weren’t you with your family ,boyfriend or at a cool party on new years. Pretty lame. ( yawning) The girl in your first pic is hot.

  2. I love the tattoo in the first picture!

  3. ur friends always all look really nice and comfortable around u. what an ideal atmosphere 2 hang around in. AND…, WHEN, u choose to take ur photos as your nights progress tells me alot about ur photo blog/journal entries. i guess not everything, but your style of picture taking is so very unique– you probably don’t recognize that about you– but yes, what ur choosing to SHOW from inside ur world is– huh– exactly what I– what ANYBODY– would want to see.

    (i guess what i’m trying to say is how alot of other collections of people’s pictures r always just –lacking, but urs…..aren’t? how hard was that? jeez.)

  4. tishaunmanning

    how do I meet cool cats such as those. seems like a nice relaxed time you had.

  5. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

    the only way the above comments could be more sycophantic and creepy is if they were said by smithers.

  6. rando

    i normally don’t comment because these commenters don’t seem that intelligent but….
    that blouse is KILLER.

  7. jenning…fuck off.

    cory you are my idol.

    ps. jenning what the fuck did YOU do on new years? hang out with your friends/family/go to a cool party? coooool jenning!

  8. Young

    I like the safety pin bracelet in the 6th. Definite DIY. I also like your outfit, well done

  9. Ssaarraahh

    coryy i lovee you! looks like you always have a fantastic time anywhere you go. Also absolutely adore your clothes. Cheers! :’)

  10. loveleah

    Ooh I love that bracelet! (the safety pin one)

  11. chelsey

    Cory I hope you are okay! Why would you spend New Years with these people?

  12. the real aoki

    You only use people to reach success. You have no talent. You used to be cute loooooooong time ago and thin but now you are fat and unfashionable. Hope you leave my bro alone. You use people to stick around. You are a complete looser!!!

  13. Love, peace and soul (train)

  14. unlike everyone here, nice pictures

  15. unlike everyone here, hey, nice pictures

  16. I’m sure people with Down syndrome and other degenerative diseases are ecstatic that Palin is their new spokesperson.

  17. huskylover

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  19. Oh i love that tattoo!

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  21. kttykatlickylick25anonymous

    ya know what fuck these h83r$ kay?
    i like her tatoo

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