anti matter

nylon jared leto dinner @ the dakota….

so happy to run into ian!

and ran into polly. exciting moment…

and another dinner with aoki

behind the scenes

and bday bash after… all survived

also meet carl. he loves pizza, kids, and a nice walk on the beach. currently single.

nylon event @ pacsun ….


and went to see the gossip in san diego….  so when i checked in they gave me the room key yadda yadda. so i go up to my room im so tired. and so hungry. friday night rush hour traffic while pouring. anyway so i go to what i thought was my room and i totally walk in on this woman peeing. i was like oh uhhh oh uh sorry? uhhh. like ok what do you do in that situation. i thought it was my room, im in shock whilst looking at this woman on the toilet. not sure what to say or do or just laugh? i was sort of sickened and traumatized. but got over it. anyway just one of those things that happens… sometimes…


breakfast in bed was so enjoyable. i really hadnt enjoyed something that much in a long time.

then some pre christmas celebration back in la at bardot

i found a big christmas themed bag so i decided to make it into a dress. people kept asking me who made it. i just said jeremy scott.

to top it all off, i give you the infamous ash.


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47 responses to “anti matter

  1. Dan

    I loved the Christmas bag, it’s awesome!

  2. Josh

    you are awesome!!!!!

  3. Juvenile

    Why anti matter?

  4. mary

    your hair is strangely even more amazing than usual. definetely your best feature!

  5. I love the outfit you wore at the Nylon Men launch party. Wow! The hotel thing must of been crazy. You must of thought you were dreaming or have gone crazy. I would of felt that way. haha

  6. Meutia Ananda

    I love the BW scenes. 😀

  7. Jared Leto IS SOOO sexy.

  8. You were in San Diego?! I hope you had a good time there. Come back again! (Yes, I live in SD.)

  9. swe

    have you dyed your hair? its really nice anyway 😉

    have a great day!

  10. bob

    You are gorgeous!!

  11. emma key

    loving the xmas sweater/turtleneck combo, reminds me of my mom circa 1992 🙂

  12. Great pics.
    You’re looks are amazing!

  13. I like the retrieverrrrrrrr

  14. lineysays

    You rock! =D

  15. pamelaamazig

    cor girl. dont you evaaah stop.

  16. Pit

    I love the mask! so funny and different, like your style. I like the red tartan shirt 🙂

  17. Hansoll

    Your Video is Funny & Sweet

  18. i love the first pic!

    Who’s that guy in the leather jacket? very sexy 🙂


  20. nfamy

    i’m not trying to be rude or a troll cory but u are kinda turning into an average looking girl. u dont look at young and fresh anymore.

  21. nfamy

    my blog is much better

  22. diary of anne frank pt 2

    i have been living in LA for the past 5 years. this whole cobrasnake/cory kennedy thing is not really that cooooool. real lack of a better word “hipsters” laugh at these people. and to think people actually call these kennedy people the new warhol superstars????? in the 60’s the superstars were actually interesting, weird and beautifal. and dj am? srsly wtf cory is like obsessed with him and why? the very very ugly old balding mark hunter is just someone who wanted a piece of fame so he tried really hard.

  23. we are the veal

    do you know how pathetic it is to link this from twitter and be all like “new post!!!!!!!!!!”
    lulz, imma put u all over 4chan /b/ and see what happens to u and youre wanna be hipster peeps.

  24. help im alive

    my blog is better
    ripewrath.tumblr (com)

  25. amelino

    so many haters. why would you waste your time posting a comment here if you dislike her so much..go away.

  26. jhk

    haha awesome vids,
    you must do one or two post two much pics in one post :p

    love jhk

  27. love uu so much
    lov uuuuuuuuuu
    u re m y life
    u re all for meee

  28. james looks like zoolander =)
    and I love your striped jacket!

  29. i love jhony make up and you look so rad in all this photos!

  30. awesome pics,cory you are amazing girl

  31. i want your LIFE!
    Vegetarian really?? im a VEGAN!

  32. Your website looks really good. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this article.

  33. MM

    Hey nfamy/venetian snares/etc, your ‘blog’ is deleted moron. Nice one!

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  37. This is a great site, I love the theme you are using. I Stumbled it for you and bookmarked it on Digg.

  38. I am currently reading it on my Blackberry and will scan it once I get home. I love your site and marketing strategy.

  39. agustina

    heyy cory im from argentina but i live in NY. i love your style

  40. kttykatlickylick25anonymous
    okay so you and your sisters are gorg.
    and aww chirstmas card <333
    omg i love smoked salmon on cream chesse on a bagel soo dank. and ohh dayuumm ian is kind of hot. oh what elsee….. OMG HAHAHAHHAHA the bathroom story made me laugh. that's so weird and awkward and distrubing. that happened to me one time at Johnny Rockets I went to use the bathroom and I didn't know anyome was in there and the bathroom was kind of facing the kitchen of the resturaunt and the people could see, so I opened it was an old lady peeing and she screamed, and then i say oh, sorry and i was like cracking up UNCONTROLLABLY like crazy i almost died, and i closed it. hahah a lot of the people eating saw her peeing, hahhahah yeah thats tottally what i want to see when I am eating and old lady taking a shit. anywayzzzzz yeaaah

  41. aaabbbbccc

    is it just me or has cory gotten chunky?

  42. Do you met Jared Leto? *-*
    I’m sorry, i didn’t understand everthing, that’s why i’m asking this. 🙂
    nice blog, btw

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