sit down and do what youre told

halloween sort of….

my real halloween i spent in venice with shelley. funny times.

guess who that is.



comfiest costume winner.

a secret nook we found.

the soccer game.


beckham really put on a show.

then MOCAs 30th anniversary party…

leftover from katys…


skeet skeet!

then there was new york but i think the rolls of film i took disappeared…. pretty upsetting…

more la after new york if i cant find them .


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52 responses to “sit down and do what youre told

  1. Lol

    Lookin hot & homeless as usual

  2. digging the photo with you and chloë sevigny.

  3. Lovely as usually, All-Star. The Galaxy game rocked 🙂

  4. cherriesinmymind

    like how looks ur pics lately

  5. Megan

    ahhh chloe!

  6. mickey R!
    someones cool

  7. jewel

    chloes lookin a bit hacked these days…

  8. LONG LIVE CAMERA ROLES! Screw digital! Anyway, looks like you had fun! 🙂

  9. I really like your pictures

  10. jasmin

    man, he looks so much younger without the bear. looks like his back in his 22 something.

    tell him to come to sweden next time, he’s having a EU tour without the entire scandinavia included. haha

  11. Sonia

    What were you for Halloween!?!?!

  12. caaro

    hey who was the first man n that photo? Mickey rourke ?

    i lvoe ur pics !:) i love that costume with the white plume and stuff!

    xoxo .

  13. Cameron

    HEY. devendra BANHART.

    you lucky, lucky bitch.

    I hate you.

  14. Crazy pics
    love it!


  15. dy

    yea mickey rourke!

  16. I love the darkblue shiny dress/vest/shirt you’re wearing 😉


  17. coryyyyy i love u so much U ARE MY IDOL, love uuuuuuuuuuu sweet y ❤

  18. fuckkk. you always take the coolest pictures and have the most interesting life. i love your blog. it inspires me beyond. even your name is cool. XO

  19. wow ur behind with ur pictures as usual 😀 move it up!!

  20. jane

    i think you’re beautiful but you’re clothes is horrible and it makes you look faaaaaaaaat

  21. melisss

    your life is a one huge party

  22. amazing photos.. love the oldish style, yet again. handsome people! xx

  23. i’m jealous of yr hair. it looks lovely.

  24. Costume party, so dopee. love the paint

  25. Dear Cory,
    I just realized you look a whole lot like Sam from Freaks and Geeks. I did a post on the uncanny resemblance here:


  26. Ah, Cory. Dear Cory. How do you do it? Don’t tell, it would spoil the game.


    Soy española. Eres mi icono preferido, de hecho tengo en mi blog una entrada con fotos tuyas… de verdad, me encantas! xx

  28. Great pics ! Chloë and you look stunning.
    I adore the pic with the bam bams !

  29. Your Photo is attractive n_n ***

  30. Your Photo is attractive n_n ***
    I Can Find Flaw in You … ;;

  31. Hansoll

    Your Photo is Attractive !!!

  32. lalala

    eeeek. My dear Devendra *_*

  33. ange

    my goodness cory, you’re so freaking Fabulous and talented. love Your style And photography. you seem totally ah-mazing. screw the haters out there — everyone Loves you. happy New Year.

    love<3 From shanghai.

  34. SSSssss

    who’s the guy with the black shirt, brown jacket and long black hair. your with him at two pictures. think ive seen him before…

  35. ooh i lurrve chloë sevigny!! andd i also lurvee the first pic!! xx

  36. lineysays

    The party looked cool! Amazing photos!

  37. BGee

    your photo is amazinggggg
    i’m really like u*.*

  38. she is life very nice

  39. Iris

    crazy pictures!
    ur awesome.

  40. kttykatlickylick25anonymous

    $kEE+ SKe3+ m0+H@ FuCk@
    again, lolzzz at these fobs
    eeeyy it’s peach or whatever her name is?!
    oh yeah Peaches Geldof! she has peaches corner in nylon / ^&%$ whatever
    holy shit Sushi Heaven!
    can I please be you, we should switch lives you can take my math final tommorow, and I can go party kthxbai.

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