maybe jasper does the astro

laaaa laa lando

chris + tobs

zefron dinner



dinner and then the party

matt come back to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

and leftover from london


i love mags.


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33 responses to “maybe jasper does the astro

  1. awsome pics
    love you

  2. LuxLisbon

    GREAT PICS! who’s the girl with the cat face? she has awesome hair. ❤

  3. when was the nylon guys party?,and you look good as always!


  4. Tinker Tune

    After hiding in the space of my own little world I’ve decided to not be an afraid little bat and start by publishing some of my art projects and stories for anyone to take part of.

    So this place was created within the last couple of days and is called

    It exists because I ultimately believe in sharing the dimensions that we create through the imagination. You’re more than welcome to have an input.

  5. crazy pictures…love it

  6. ohmygod that ride at thorpe was insane

  7. Megan

    Hey you got the hood you liked in that fashion show awhile back, looks amazing!
    Some stunning shots of you lady
    Keep having fun

  8. itscorykennedy

    it is that piece from the show!

  9. Funny pictures youve got there =)
    check my photography blog

    thanks 🙂

  10. Tes photos ressemblent aux anciennes de toi . . !
    La robe pailletée est . . . magnifique et toi subime !



  11. Lovely photos as always. ❤

  12. miss_c

    kinga kat looking good x

  13. Megan

    The piece from the show? wicked!

  14. matilda

    hard core cory

  15. mxm

    you start reminding me marilyn manson
    take care of your health

  16. swe

    You look amazing as always Cory!
    Just wanted to leave a comment and tell that I adore youre blog, with all lovely pics 🙂

    have a nice day!

  17. socrates

    thorpe park isnt in london you silly sausage. and you’re too pretty for a hood, take it off
    bisous and regards
    socrates xxx

  18. jena

    That shiny poncho is hideous. Makes you look fat which I’m sure your not. Its time to hire a stylist. You desperately need help with your wardrobe. Someone your age shouldn’t dress like a 40 year old woman who had 5 kids and is covering it by wearing ponchos. Especially shiny ones.

  19. jollien

    Its not a poncho its a Mexican fancy sarape. She just needs the hat and the boots.

  20. oh, i LOVE london. looks like you had fun! the girl with the cat make-up looks adorable. and i love that silvery glittery black poncho (?) you were wearing at the efron dinner! xx

  21. Great pictures!
    This grey/silver/black “dress”? looks amazing!!

  22. UK – rich country, lot of poor people, something is wrong?

  23. Hansoll

    I Love Your Photo !! ;;
    You’re Cute ^^

  24. meghan

    no one else saw zac efron? or at least made mention of it. wow i feel like a thirteen year old…

  25. i saw zac efron!!!!

  26. i freakin’ luv your blog.

  27. kttykatlickylick25anonymous

    Cory gurrl you look absolutely stuning (as alwayzzz), and HOLY FUCK Zac Efron he is like sex on legs. Ur Gorg, lmaaooo at the these fobs who comment on your posts haha. or like those people who write these random ass poems anyway lava chu and ur posts

  28. hey

    PUPIL PARTY black eyes… meth MAAA

  29. chris k

    maybe adison is ac/dc

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