promise ill be kind

4michael angel show…


michael angel







is it me or has iekeliene’s walk chilllllled out? dont really like it. that old walk made her.







then david elfin show at the tents as well. i pretty much changed in bryant park. but the secret girl way.









11love me some marina



4LOVE 4th look from top.



1really enjoyed that show.


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30 responses to “promise ill be kind

  1. you’re so pretty Cory! nice pics.

  2. nicala

    your a classic!

  3. Young

    nice to see your fashionista side coming out again!

  4. jane

    The dress is terribly uggly and unattractive. Especially looks horrible with those shoes. Its okay to mix and match but this match is terribly bad. Cory you look FAT. Why?? are you dressing this way?

  5. florence

    God, some people are so rude. Perhaps “jane” you should shut the hell up and take your retarded ways elsewhere.
    Cory, in my opinion, you have a super hot bod and hey, at least your name isn’t “jane”/at least you aren’t lacking in taste or intelligence…


  6. jane

    Where is the hot bod? Is it hiding somewhere? Seriously people the look is really bad. For your information I am editor of a magazine and for me to have this position I must lack a lot of taste.

  7. Sofia

    It is actually true, i agree with you jane. The dress looks awful.
    Cory had something before, now i see her and its so boring, wish she went back to what she was 😦 it was really inspiring.

  8. Cosmos

    Cory I think you are just marvelous and innovative forever. Dearest Jane, stick a rubber hose up your nose. Thank you.

  9. i'll be your paparazzi all the time

    uh oh, Cory… you better bring your old style back before these people start questioning their existence in a world without CK style inspiration..

    i’m so distraught I feel like quitting my job and starting at a wall all day.

  10. Look

    I think fact is… if cory started out dressing the way she does now, she would never have become the style icon she is… but now she can get away with a somewhat misshapen/ludicrous fashion sense because she’s made it already (and she has a pretty face)…

    personally, i wish she was still pulling off inspired awesome looks… but hey, what can you do???

  11. Look

    basically… it’s now more about cory kennedy the persona, her glam life… and sadly not really about her clothes anymore

  12. amelie

    Really jane I think that if you are an editor of a magazine I assume you are substantially older than the rest of us commenting on cory’s blog.
    If this is the case then your behaviour is quite obviously pathetic, calling a 19 year old fat? Maybe instead of judging those younger than yourself you should reassess your own life.If you are not “substantially older” then it is likely that the magazine you edit is not worth bragging about.
    It is also a bit telling that you feel the need to brag about your position at a magazine, perhaps another of your insecurities?

  13. rupaul

    Oh my God cory I was wondering if you were dressing this bad for attention or for people to say mean things. What happened to you? You make designers look bad.

  14. anon

    I kind of agree with what Jane is saying…
    I’m not calling cory fat, because she obviously isn’t. But I think we call all agree, she’s not the skinny teenager that she was when she first started appearing on the cobrasnake. I think she is wearing these unflattering huge clothes that hide her figure because she isn’t comfortable with her body anymore. Mary Kate Olsen has done the same thing since she put on a little weight after recovering from her eating disorder. (I’m not calling her fat either, just so you know)
    I’m sure cory has a great body, and could look really amazing if she put in a little more effort. But she just seems afraid of anything feminine.

  15. Gwen

    She can wear whatever she wants, why does it bother you?….

    I think that the 4th from the top, really hard core androgynous look is brilliant. I wish I had the legs for that outfit.

  16. whileyouweredying

    herrow cory subscribe pwees

  17. marina

    I figured she would dress better since she goes to all of these fashion shows.

  18. amerrose

    You must be old with babies too have liked the long moon dress. Or the designer of the ugggggly dress she wore.

  19. thalyssa

    Beautiful clothes, buuut, not a very nice combination. Only what i think =)

  20. thalyssa

    I mean, the clothes that Cory was wearing

  21. barababella

    Cory you are at a fashion show what is wrong with yall???Dress up or something. Work out or something to show some skin. Girl…you aint looking sexy now a days. Trash can style. Even Britney Spears dresses better than you. Come on…Its embarrasing. Yeah its a moon dress. You doing the moon walk??N those shoes look uuuuugly. Well the moon dress make it look uggly.

  22. h

    well she did had anorexia and maybe shes back on it and tryes to hide her body, because if you look at some pictures u can see how skinny she is.

  23. pillboxhat

    Wow. This is the first time I have visited this particular fashion blog, though I have been to many others. I am astounded at the venom which is pouring forth! Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, positive or negative, however a lovely little bunny called Thumper (from Bamby, for the uninitiated) once said, ‘If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all’. The beauty of fashion is the freedom it affords it follows. It is a medium through which we express ourselves. A blank canvas on which to create. On good days and bad. Sometimes your mood does’t lead you straight to the Isabel Marant dress and the Chloe stud boots. Some days are more tracksuit days then cocktail dress days. The main point being that we each have the right to dress as we please – to experiment – without fear of hurtful (and unconstrucive) attack. For those above who were so vicious; can you honestly say you have never had a fashion disaster? The beautiful Cory is still human, despite her fantastic blog and her well known initials. And without adventurous souls, where would our world be today?

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