the lonely nights divide you in two


hultsfred festival in sweden…..




got the festival and saw a pair of tire swings….


of course we hopped on. i hadnt been on a swing in so long. years i could say…  its weird i can say that now… i havnt done that in years… im growing up.


CNV00003then we went to go watch ICE CUUUUUBE.







comin in for a quick break….




CNV00005-2ready to back on…..

the show was prettttty awesome. threw some NWA tunes out there.

CNV00002-2time for more music






004_34Aand headed back to the hotel… with a short stop…


and here are some shots from jalouse magazine, july 2009


and then the wedding shoot….





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29 responses to “the lonely nights divide you in two

  1. Fer

    Nice, you look so cool on the last picture. 🙂 nice shoot.

  2. Dan

    I loved the photos, mainly the ones from the wedding shot. Wade looks so nice in the last one 🙂 and you too, of course 🙂

  3. May

    I looove your smile in the last photo. Very cool.

  4. I still love those artsy from-a-plane photographs for some reason. Can’t explain why.

  5. the wedding shots are gorgeous and i love your pants in the jalouse picture!

  6. melisss

    hello cory 🙂
    please, tell the klaxons they are wanted in prague, we are in a desperate need of a gig here 🙂

    and i luv sweden ❤
    greets, Mel

  7. Emma

    ahhh, sweden…my second home.

  8. lovin your shots !
    you’re awesome 😉 xo

  9. nooo were you here in sweden?!! but did you visit stockholm?
    you made me buy my own one time use camera! love ur photos

  10. at the last one your smile made you shined, girl


  11. i believe i spy a 35 mm holga camera in the last photo 🙂

    cory kennedy you are a wonderful person.

  12. MAD

    I love your smile in the last photo. I posted about you on my blog, I hope that you look! Do you will come to Brazil this year, or next year? Please reply me. I’m a student of fashion and love your style. xo

  13. I was on that Klaxons consert, they were AWSOME!!!!

  14. nvlnvl

    did u dyed ur hair red? or just the sunshine?
    anyway u looks great to me:)
    and wow sweden!!

  15. playpony

    The pictures from the wedding shot are amazing.
    Love reading your blog here, you really live you life to the fullest!

  16. oh you were in Sweden, cool! What did u think about it? 😉

  17. Cory you look fantastic in the spreads. Nice job!

  18. ASH

    fucking gourgues CK =] ily ❤

  19. cez

    love those shots cory…

  20. hultsfred so fucking great!

  21. zoey

    Haha I was at hultsfred09.. I even saw the Klaxons.. preetty good show!! 😀 Ice Cube was alritte

  22. coollllllll! i didnt see ya in argentina como again!!!! and let me notice plz! its corykennedy bitches!

  23. I lived in Hultsfred…fun that U stopped by.. 😉

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  25. У вас RSS в кривой кодировке!

  26. Hansoll

    I Love Last Photo ;;
    The Looks Funny !!!

  27. Зашел случайно на сайт про Советский Союз. Аж слеза накатилась. Ностальгия, что тут скажешь.

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