FLYER FINALsee you there!!!!!!


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15 responses to “Japan

  1. Take this tour to Las Vegas!!! 😦

  2. 8

    wow.its pretty good

  3. sally

    you lucky bastards ! 🙂

  4. Come to Germany 😀

  5. haha ur lucky grrrrrl!!! 🙂

  6. try brazil one day (;

  7. thalyssa

    uatumã adora a cory

  8. dessoustout

    KLAXONS! awesome.. love cory tour..

  9. ysyk

    i’ll be there!!
    hey, since you landed in japan, there are lots of earthquake haha

  10. ASH

    come to new york city well come back hahaha

  11. MK

    were you in Portugal?

  12. Fun!!!!



    –daily CHIC news from Paris–

  13. hey,
    congradulations on graduating 🙂

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