boredom fabricated as you’re going down each others’ throats


back in london… heres my short stay in la and then japan….

u3pqnate came over to tell me i got ripped off and to take back his camera. and to talk to lulu.

034_3Athen lulu got into the fireplace when we werent home! ashes everywhere !

032_5Abad lulu!

029_8Abut how can you resist a face like that….

4452_645087597127_605040_37673425_8126369_nthen to the alagems for a fun sunday, i forgot what we were celebrating.


4452_645087731857_605040_37673451_6038390_nlost my camera that day… cant show more of the day now….

2 from algar…




hit the road to japan with my sister and tom…




IMG_9086in japan…


l1030772shooting everyday

IMG_9074chris my sis





4577_1175193498519_1188528335_516946_1797375_n-1so sleeepy

and more shooting….







l10305591its a wrap.

shopping day….





got two cameras. both didnt work. i demand a refund!



next day more shooting. for nylon japan.















l1040085then later we had dinner and surprise for me! kosuke and mari!!! i was so happy to see them

l1040128went to le baron for a bit after dinner. more to comeeeeee!!! im coming back to japan aug 7th and will be at summer sonic in tokyo and osaka ! see you there!




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37 responses to “boredom fabricated as you’re going down each others’ throats

  1. Cory thats good you posted more pictures of you. Dont smoke! You are so preetty stay young!

  2. jj

    best blog entry youve done in years
    make every one of them this good please πŸ™‚
    oh and your hair is looking great!

  3. jj

    this is the best entry youve done in years!
    make all of them this good please πŸ™‚
    oh and your hair is looking great!

  4. patrice

    i agree, this post was really great! you’ve re-established my love and faith in your fashion.

    p.s. did a holga let you down?! i love holgas.

  5. i hope u come 2 brazil one day!
    grats for your work!

  6. submasheen

    what happened to jack siegel’s skullset?

    “the end”…?

    i sure hope not

    (p.s. great post, ck)

  7. lucie

    really not liking the masculine look you’re going for these days
    just looks too butch

  8. che para cuando nylon argentina?

  9. berryblade

    oh wow. i wish i could afford to go to uni and travel this often as well.

  10. jealousssssssss, looks like hell fun!

  11. wow love that blazer cory.. and the shots..
    cool!!! love those poses! i’d always want to ask for more pix from you… keep postin’ you’re my fashion updater.. wink ~_~

    i wish that we have nylon mag here in the philippines…

  12. Alisha Rashid

    Wow your photoshoot pictures are amazing!
    you look beautiful as usual, (dont take interest in what people have been saying about you, that your’ve put on weight & stuff, you’ll always be beautiful and awsome!)
    anyway, love it all,but where are your photos from glasto? oh & are you going bestival coz Klaxons are playing there … right?


  13. leslie

    Is the butch look back?

  14. Marissa

    Tokyo has the best shopping EVER, huh????

    I also have pics of that awseome blue plastic store in Aoyama, right near the also amazing prada epicenter, and the cartier and levis stores there are architectural marvels as well.

    What a cool area of the city that is, with the futuristic and ancient architechture often side by side πŸ™‚

    Looks like a great trip! Sorry to hear of the camera troubles; its the worst when youre travelling!

  15. Marissa

    I got in trouble in the prada store cuz they dont allow photography.. but how can one resist snapping away in those tiny carved stairwells?!

  16. Marissa

    oh and I dont know if youve been to tokyo in August before, but i suggest bringing ice and nakedness. Get ready for some heat woman.

  17. Marissa

    oh and hey – to the commenters who always say “oh I wish I had money to travel like you…..your life is so amazing…. I wish I had your life… ”

    I have news for you guys. Get an education and get a good job, then dont get married or have kids. You can do all this stuff and more!

    Ive traveled the world and Im not famous or some “it girl”. I even dropped out of college. Im just smart and got a good paying office job… I travel internationally at least once a year, sometimes two or three times.

    You dont have to be famous to live an amazing and interesting life!

  18. leslie

    Cory doesnt have an education…For your information she just happens to be lucky to be friends with famous people.

  19. Marissa

    leslie, my point is one does not need luck or fame to travel and live a faboulous life. Just earn enough money, and the life is yours. Or mine! πŸ˜€

  20. not worth it to say that you’r beautiful, and your photos make me want to travel, i’ll put photos like that in my blog :), you never came to portugal?

  21. thalyssa

    i am seriously in love with the denim jacket from the 16th pic. haha amazing

    nice post cory

  22. lulie

    I think you did gain a little weight but its cute. Why not! Your hungry, your hungry.

  23. riley

    hey cory, i agree, this blog rocked!

    you actually posted pics of yourself, you should do that more often :p

  24. awesome.
    cool hair

  25. finally you appeared

  26. lottie

    i liked you better when you were a drugged up skinny hot mess
    the masculine clothes you’re wearing now just make you look like a butch dude 😦

  27. Rose

    wow people are critical.
    one can look and dress however one wants to , such is the freedom of modern life

  28. Best blog post you’ve done in months.

  29. i am pretty madly jelly of your life and closet…please check out my blog if you ever have the time
    thanks a trillion, kelsey

  30. ahhlyy

    Twinsies-that was cute. But that is your myspace profile picture, yeah?

  31. august

    so adorable. the polaroid of you and your sis is too pretty.

  32. Meutia Ananda

    wish I could have some shots with you. I wanna pinch you everywhere, u’r cuhuhuhute, till put my world out.

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  34. I Found your site on delicious today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later:)

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