First of all….

lets just get THIS………………………………

oh boy....

oh boy....

out of the way.

• Agnes is totally Cory Kennedy and Max is her older, creepy, Cobrasnake boyfriend. Plus 11, for references to Nylon and Paper

i mean…. really.


let me know how you feel about this…


dot. dot. dot.

i mean really.


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63 responses to “First of all….

  1. tegan

    ah what the?… noooooo… ??

  2. nina

    Nobody can be the new cory

  3. i don’t watch the show but what the hell? ahaa older, creepy, cobrasnake boyfriend? seems like they’re trying a bit too hard.

  4. r

    you should come to barcelona, really. i promise you’d like it 🙂

  5. dominique


    what are you questioning?
    the fact the they are comparing you two?
    or the fact those characters are thought to be based off of you?

    i personally like the character of agnes. definitely psycho, but in a predominately safe way.

    but the whole model/photographer thing would be typical for this type of show. plus, the cobrasnake does not strike me as a creep.

  6. yeah, this totally was creepy. my best friend and i had a hard look at this with discussion. she lives in brooklyn and worked at nylon for a bit. she thought that the name dropping for one was sickening. we both found this hysterical that gossipgirl is updating the majority (preps) to the hip subculture that is also known as “the scene”. everyone loves ck, but do we really need to relive what we all know?

  7. becca

    i think there are definitely some similarities but things seem to be a little more extreme on the show… and whoever wrote that sucks.

  8. brynne

    ive never watched that show, but that is ridiculous. miss you.

  9. Victoria

    The first scene of Taylor and that Agness girl I was like it reminds me of cory’s lifestyle but…not to were you can label it. Or diss Cobrasnake like that. It’s just how tv shows work. Your still amazing Cory these characters really dont mean anything. Your the real thing and thats how it will always be. Stay true to yourself thats all that matters. I love you girl.

  10. Kaitlyn

    That thought definitely crossed my mind.

  11. jane

    i like the new blog; nicer layout than the old one. as for gossip girl … eh. the show’s formulaic and silly. those kids are portrayed as really desperate to be “known.” from what i understand you were just a girl trying to have fun and it was the genuine way you came across that intrigued people and propelled you into … notoriety? mild fame? i don’t know. a lot of the “scene” culture is ultimately empty and i think people respect the fact that, although you’ve been part of it, you didn’t actively seek it out and you stayed real as it “found” you.

    on a side note, when i met mark he came across as about as creepy as mother teresa. if all of a sudden dating a girl four years younger than you and taking her picture once in a while is “creepy,” then i guess i’ve been dating the wrong guys for the past coupla years. hah!

  12. jajaja. si, yo pense en eso tambien chica.

  13. nabii

    well, i lol’d.

  14. MB

    Hahahaha. I stopped watching Gossip Girl but then my friend told me that Willa Ford was playing a character based off of you and there was also a guy playing Mark so I started watching it again.
    Whoever plays Mark is such a bad actor! He bugs me so much. Whenever he takes a picture he makes this annoying face and I want to punch me.
    Gossip Girl is lame.
    You’re cool.

  15. neeh

    u love it cory kennedy but u have to act too cool for school to think its like you .. ur just so stoked talenten people playing a better version of you . sozzzzzzzzzzzza

  16. Kenna

    no. no.

    willa is willa and the photographer is jack, it’s simple

  17. noah

    This is exactly what i was thinking

  18. M

    lol… what are you really famous for anyway?

  19. Elise

    for some reason i thought they were trying to do her in real life and jack seigal… but i guess hes not older than her.. iduno… cause now shes like ALL OVER his website…. pssh gossip girl…

  20. Pooty

    She burned that whore jenny’s clothing, so I mean that’s kind of pretty cool. you KNOW in real life that girl couldn’t be friends with me though

  21. lol agnes is crazy but she has personality!
    and willa gosh she’s amaaaaaaaaaaazing like u

  22. wsflashsiren

    pooty from rhode island?

  23. zo


  24. mary

    im french and i watch gossipgirl on a streaming website,
    actually, i think they’re just trying to make the show more and more attractive (needlessly) with a possible itgirl and itphotograph (wich both totaly disturb the intrigue, in my view).

    the review is kinda .. really

  25. danyele

    my goodness. i hate gossip girl with a passion. it makes me sad that willa holland was on it. she used to be so lovely.

  26. Hahahhahaha when i saw her i was like.. ohh this is a really bad version of cory kennedy!
    But i think you should feel honored that somenone is creating a character based on you!

  27. bones

    I don’t think they’re basing it off of you since Gossip girl was originally a book and thus the characters are already written in the book… and the books were written in 2001. and you met “met photographer Mark Hunter (who goes by the alias “The Cobrasnake”) at a Blood Brothers concert at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, California in the summer of 2005.”

    Hence Agneyss was not based off you.

  28. When I saw the episode I thought, “She’s completely supposed to be Cory Kennedy.”

  29. allie

    but neither of those characters were in the books.
    I love how you’re telling her what happened in her life. I’m pretty sure she knows she met Mark in the summer of 2005. Stop being a tool.

  30. Patrice

    haha, i totally laughed at bones comment.
    as you can tell, gossip girl is definitely NOT staying true to the books AT all.

  31. when i saw her character i thought of you but she drops the nylon line too many times

    you’re much cooler–agnes is just a meek attempt

  32. hahahha no seriously agyness is DEFINITELY based off of you.

    i didn’t really notice it until they were in max’s apartment, with the orange couch and everything y’know? then everything made more sense. i thought it was really weird… but no, it definitely seems based off of you

  33. Patrice

    anyway, the show sucks. cory you’re so hot how do you get to be so pretty? i have a picture of you under my pillow. i want to marry you.

  34. M

    lol at patrice..

  35. feyfeyfey

    when i saw the show i thought of you

  36. Patrice

    woah, another Patrice floating about. I read that comment and was like “I didn’t write that”

  37. ko

    who are you again?

  38. Kaytee

    i personally saw the resemblance right away. they were trying way to hard. in my opinion, the gossip girl writers and producers must have felt threatened when they saw that 90210 had already signed up for corey kennedy on their show so they had to make a replacement…
    was agnes even in the book?
    and “older and creepier cobrasnake?” true. but hey, i don’t know either of them personally!
    i was, in the least, extremely disappointed by their blatant attempt at a duplicate kenndy-hunter combination…

  39. analeigh

    haha honestly, the thought did cross my mind when that photographer guy was on there, but only of mark. i didnt think any thing of it.
    i didnt necessarily compare you with agnes, either.
    personally they both got on my nerves.
    i stopped watching this show weeks ago but i was bored and this episode was on, which just made me want to not watch it more.
    now that i read over the article it kind of pisses me off in a way. but the bit about the “bass out of hell” really made me laugh.

  40. kat

    i cant stand willa

  41. Zoe

    I knew from the minute that girl appeared on the screen who she was supposed to be; Cory Kennedy. I actually happen to like Gossip Girl, but purely for superficial reasons. However, once one of my favorite bands is featured on that show suddenly every girl I know now knows them too. The product placement of Nylon is also very annoying, but I digress.

    The point being, I don’t really care about this Agnes character, but I do find exploiting the underground culture for the sake of otherwise oblivious teenage girls to be indeed very, very, very annoying..

  42. Molly B.

    No No No definitely not you. I mean I guess someone could think that, I didn’t really when I saw it but now that’s it’s mentioned I guess its could be really bad example of you. The idea/concept could be a spin off but I don’t think it is because it was in the book. Plus You’re WAaaayyy more fashionable then her and she just plays a generic role.

  43. Daphne

    Yeeeeeeeeahhh, I kind of had a moment of like… hmmm. That kind of seems like… Well, I don’t know. Maybe. Ok, totally.

  44. C

    Wtf that’s such bullshit!
    Max is totally gay, it’s not her fucking boyfriend, he’s just gay. And she’s not even like Cory, there’s many girls like that in the fashion industry, I don’t think it was a conscious effort to make Agness like Cory.

  45. Kaitlyn

    All I can say is I am sorry. This is low gossip girl way to be original.

    love ya cory

  46. from brazil.

    you’re unique.

  47. LOL

    are you saying you weren’t molested my creepy photographer dude?

  48. lauren

    maybe you are actually based off of gossip girl///??

  49. jenny

    well, we love you anyways
    i think that the fact that mark hunter was referred to as creepy is completely off, but it seems alot like they TRIED to make agnes like you, but it was sort of a failed attempt. everyone likes you better, considering agnes is a bitch. but willa holland is beautiful too.

  50. lovisa

    yeah, that was pretty obvious. it’s kind of cool, but kind of embarrassing to be honest.. i mean, they pretty much made her character an idiot.

  51. heeey

    Well (I don’t know if you already know this, so I’m just gonna say it anyways haha) I think that what they mean is that they based the character Agnes off of you & her boyfriend Max is based off of Mark the cobrasnake, because in the show he is taking pictures of Jenny which then get her noticed. You prob. already know that, but I wasn’t sure. & i think that they said he’s “creepy” is fucking retarted. They don’t even know him personaly, so they shouldn’t be calling him any names.

    whatever, love ya keep it up

  52. britt

    her character is based off what was in the book, like bones said was before your time.

  53. MON

    ITS NOT YOU, ITS TALLULAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. itscorykennedy


  55. when I watched this I’m just thinking what the fuck !?
    they completely copied your life with the whole max and mark then names even sound the same. I told people but no one where I’m from knows what thecobrasnake is, those retards 😛

  56. mi

    in genova she looks exactly like you and you had to admit it

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  58. ania

    the characters based on you ofcorse, and willa is also trying to carry this through into real life..just look up her photos EXACT same poses as you..but like many others she FAILS as its too overly styled and trying way too hard. she’s v. anoying & lame and lacks any of your spirit anyone can see that. But i understand how all of that must frustrate instead of flatter you

    x x x x x x

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